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All About Pop Music Singer, Actress, & Fashion Model Aki Takajo Known as "Akicha"

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A First Look at Aki Takajo Also Known as "AKICHA"

Aki Takajo is seen here singing LIVE on stage at the 2009 Japan Expo event in Paris, France.

Aki Takajo is seen here singing LIVE on stage at the 2009 Japan Expo event in Paris, France.

Aki Takajo Is a Very Underrated Celebrity

Pop music is a big cultural phenomenon in Japan. One of these now former pop music singers is Aki Takajo. Going by the nickname of “Akicha”, she was born on October 3, 1991 in Tokyo. If members such as Yuka Masuda got national headlines in Japan, then Aki Takajo should have gotten national headlines in Japan as well and you are about to see why this should have been the case.

How Did Aki Takajo Get into Famous Girl Group AKB48?

Takajo made her debut with AKB48 on August 23, 2008. A few weeks later on October 19, 2008, she became a member substitute for the beautiful Haruna Kojima for the event called “Team A Fifth Stage, "Renai Kinshi Jorei."

She was under contract with Watanabe Entertainment. She started her career with the very popular and famous all girl group AKB48 and was a member of Team A. She was the member that got promoted in the fastest time until June 2012.


Some Interesting Facts About Aki Takajo

She is the second oldest in a family of three daughters. Her oldest sister is a gravure idol Jui Kizuki. Aki is a big fan of dogs and her dog’s name is Win-kun. She was also a member of the Art Club and Driving Club. Like other AKB48 members, Aki has been a part of so many of their singles. Some of them include Heavy Rotation, Give Me Five!, and Beginner. Aki is also good at making sweets.

Interesting Facts About Aki Takajo Part 2

  • She is close friends with Rie Kitahara.
  • She really respects Mariko Shinoda.
  • Her favorite artists are YUI and Girl Next Door.
  • She is skilled at playing tennis and moving her eyes.
  • Fall is her favorite season of the year.
  • Her favorite foods are strawberries, lemons, and pickled plums.
  • Her favorite drink is milk tea.
  • Her favorite AKB48 single is Iiwake Maybe.
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Favorite AKB48 Member Born in 1991

Aki Takajo Celebrates Her Birthday


Aki Takajo Becomes a Lead Actress in a TV Drama Called SAVEPOINT

However, there are also a few other aspects of Aki Takajo’s life that may be overlooked, the first of which is that she made history back on May 2014 when she was given her first lead role in a TV drama! That drama is called SAVEPOINT and it was on Tokyo TV. Takajo played the role of a special unit police officer and she was also going to end up playing in action scenes with short hair. Takajo revealed at the time that being in a drama as the lead actress was like a dream for her. And she also said that cutting her hair made her uneasy at first but she made up her mind that she was going to do it in order to make her role perfect.

Aki Takajo Starts a Pet Fashion Brand

A few months before this historic entertainment breakthrough on March 1, 2014, the singer & fashion model was at an event to commemorate the launch of her pet fashion brand called Vivre which in French means to live together. Takajo was at the event with her 2 Chihuahuas and said that her dogs were like her children. She also put out her clothing line for the spring and summer of that year.

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