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Best Japanese Anime - One Piece

My name is Krishnavamshi Kesani. I am from India. I am a student currently persuing my B. Tech in SRM Institute Of Science And Technology.


One Piece is a Japanese anime created by Eiichiro Oda based on a famous Manga of the same name. It is produced by Toei Animations. The story is about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who ate a Devil's fruit and gained the properties of rubber. With his powers and a crew of his own, called Straw Hats Pirates, Luffy set sail into the grand line to find the great treasure, One Piece. Luffy knows that if he discovers One Piece, he will become the world's greatest pirate. He has to go through so many adventures and fight strong villains in order to achieve the One Piece and "World's greatest pirate" title.

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is the main hero and protagonist of the One Piece anime. At the age of eight, he accidentally eats the paramecia type Gum-Gum no devil fruit. With that fruit, he gained the properties of rubber. He used to admire red-haired Shanks, who sacrificed his arm for Luffy. By getting the abilities of a devil fruit, he decides to become the king of the pirates. To achieve his dream, he forms a crew of nine members in it and acquires a ship called The Going Merry. Then he set sail to the grand line.

Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is the swordsman in the crew. He can use three swords at a time and can hold two swords in each hand and one sword in the mouth. He made a promise to Kuina, His childhood rival, that he will become the world's greatest pirate. To achieve his dream, he joins the Straw Hats crew started by Monkey D. Luffy as the captain. His famous name is "pirate-hunter" Zoro.


Nami is the navigator in the crew. Her dream is to draw a map of the whole world. Before Nami joined the Straw Hats crew, she used to be an excellent pickpocket, lier, and a cartographer. Everyone used to call her "cat-Burglar" Nami. Luffy observed her skills and made her join his crew.


Usopp is a famous comedian in the crew. He has a gift of inventing things, painting, and sculptor. He is a great sniper in combat, and everyone used to call him "Sniper King: the king of sniper" due to his skills. when he defeated one of the subordinates of Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the seven warlords, he became "God" Usopp. Luffy observed his kills and joined him in his crew.

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Sanji is the cook in the Straw Hats crew and a womanizer. No one can meet his standards in cooking. He loves women more than anything in the world. He is also a great fighter in combat. He can fight with one leg, and that's why he is called "Black-Foot" Sanji. He became a well-trained combatant when he trains himself for two years in Kamabakka island and gains sky walking skills. His dream is to see the All blue which located in the Grand Line.

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is the doctor, and a blue-nosed reindeer, in the Straw Hats Crew. He ate a Zoan type devils fruit called the Human-Human fruit. With the help of this fruit, he can talk like a human, change his shape like a human, and do a lot more things like humans. A self-made medicine called the rumble ball can make him transform into many things, even into a big monster. Luffy became obsessed with the talking Reindeer and made him join the Straw Hats Crew. He is a cotton candy lover and often called "Cotton Candy" Chopper.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin is the archeologist in the Straw Hats Crew. When she was a kid, she ate a Paramecia type devils fruit called the Flower-Flower fruit. With the help of this fruit, she can grow her arms, ears, eyes, etc anywhere she wants and in any numbers. One more skill she earned in her childhood days is she can read Ponyglyphs. Because she can read Ponyglyphs, everyone wants to search and kill her. She is usually called the devil child due to her powers gained by eating the devils' fruit. She came to Luffy and asks him to join her in his crew, to which he accepted.


Franky is the Mechanic of the Thousand Sonny Ship in the Straw Hats Pirates crew. He made a grand looking ship that can withstand large tsunamis, whirlpools, etc. The ship has an aquarium, a swimming pool, and two lifeboats in it. No one can beet Franky in repairing a ship with only a few pieces of equipment. His goal is to build the world's biggest ship that looks attractive. Inspired by the story and the goal of Franky, Luffy made him join his crew.

The review of the Anime given by everyone is positive. The show started in the year 1999, so at the beginning, the graphics are a bit dull. But the graphics improved in the following years. Sometimes the story feels a bit boring but excluding that part of the story, it is awesome. The fighting of Luffy with the strongest Villians gave me chills. In, Japan One Piece has been among the top 5 Animes over the years from the beginning. According to Business Insider, it is the fourteenth most popular TV show in the world. In 2006, it became 32nd of the top 100 Japanese Anime. The first opening theme song "WE ARE" won the Animation Kobe Theme Song Award in the year 2000. "One Piece: Season 1 First Voyage" won the Fifth Annual TV DVD award.

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