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All About Minami Takahashi Former Member of Japanese Pop Girl Group Akihabara 48

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The Popularity of Minami Takahashi

Minami Takahashi is a former member of the girl group Akihabara 48 or AKB48 for short. You could say that she has been so famous in that part of the Japanese pop music industry that few members have been as popular as her.

Takahashi Was the "Center" for the Single Which Would Eventually Be Kuchibiru Ni Be My Baby

For Minami Takahashi, her career with popular Japanese girl group AKB48 was coming to an end when I first wrote about this story back in 2015. But before that, she would get another chance to be a center for a major single. It was on October 25, 2015 at the venue called Pacifico Yokohama that AKB48 made the announcement that Takahashi will be the center for their 42nd single which was untitled at the first time I heard of this story. However, that song is now called Kuchibiru Ni Be My Baby. For those people that don’t remember, Takahashi is a Japanese idol singer and former General Manager of AKB48 and all of its other related groups. This includes the then newly created NGT48 previously led by Rie Kitahara. But who is Minami Takahashi?


Interesting Facts About Minami Takahashi

  • Her favorite hobby is reading manga.
  • She likes all animals but she likes cats the most.
  • On a related note, she has an Instagram account that only has pictures of her cat.
  • Her favorite foods are katsudon and hamburger steak.
  • She dislikes sushi, broccoli, tomatoes, and raw food in general.
  • Spring & Autumn are her two favorite seasons.
  • She is good friends with Atsuko Maeda. The two of them together are known by their nickname of Atsumina.
  • Says she would like to visit Egypt.
  • She does not watch TV. Instead, she closes her eyes and daydreams before she goes off to bed. Author's comment: closing your eyes and daydreaming before going off to bed is a great technique to attract more of what you desire in life.
  • She likes being indoors better than outdoors and she is sensitive to heat and coldness.

The Significance of the Song Kuchibiru Ni Be My Baby

The single would be released on December 9, 2015, one day after the 10th anniversary of AKB48’s theatrical debut. This single was the last one before Takahashi graduated from AKB48. The last time that Takahashi served as the only center for a single was for the song called Sakura no Hanabiratachi (it was released back in February 2006). This is also the first time that Takahashi is serving as a center since AKB48’s major debut in October 2006.

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Fan Reaction to Takahashi Being Named as Center

Fans expressed their happiness and approval when it was announced that Takahashi would be named as the center. She was said to be in tears and is very glad to be singing an idol song near the end of her career with AKB48. She also added that it is not a message song from her and that she wants other members to continue to sing it after she has left AKB48.

Takahashi would be leaving AKB48 on very good terms unlike Rumi Yonezawa and Natsumi Hirajima who left the group in disgrace due to violations of AKB48’s no dating policy. Takahashi said that she would be very happy if this latest song becomes a song that fans will love. Takahashi has released a solo single called Jane Doe and she is the last original member of AKB48 since its beginning back in 2005. I was saddened to hear the news that Takamina (nickname of Takahashi) would be graduating from AKB48 but I know that she will succeed in whatever plan that she has next for her life. Takahashi was born on April 8, 1991 in Tokyo.

Final Thoughts About the Influence of Minami Takahashi on AKB48

Takahashi is not related to former Morning Musume member Ai Takahashi. She named Yokoyama to succeed her as General Manager of AKB48. Takahashi joins Yuki Kashiwagi, Rie Kitahara, and Aki Takajo as Japanese idol singers born in 1991. Good luck Minami! As important as Atsuko Maeda has been for AKB48, Minami Takahashi should be given credit as well for the impact that she has made, serving a management position for the most popular pop music group in Japan. I am even happier to know that Yui Yokoyama took over this job of General Manager from Takahashi because Yokoyama is one of the most beautiful and charming members in the history of AKB48.

The Song Called Kuchibiru Ni Be My Baby (Short Version)

Interesting Perspective About Japanese idols and "Still" Videos

As we leave this topic and article, AKB48 idols have also been featured in "still" videos where it looks like they are just staring at fans but this is an interesting way for fans to feel like they are falling in love with an idol.

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