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All About Mai Oshima of the Girl Group Akihabara 48

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Is Mai Oshima going to become a police officer eventually?

Is Mai Oshima going to become a police officer eventually?


Why Is Mai Oshima Famous?

Mai Oshima is a former Japanese idol singer that used to be part of the famous girl group Akihabara 48. Going by the nickname of “Maimai” this Japanese celebrity was born on September 11, 1987 in Chiba, Japan, the same city that gravure model Harumi Nemoto was born in.

Oshima's AKB48 Career & Debut Single

She is not related to former Team K captain Yuko Oshima. She made her AKB48 debut in October 2005. Oshima graduated or left AKB48 on April 26, 2009. In 2010, she signed with the avex label and released her debut single called “Mendokusai Aijou.”

Interesting Fact About Mai Oshima

The reason that she did not take part in any of the AKB48 General Elections is because she left AKB48 before those elections became a standard tradition so we will never know how Mai would have ranked in those elections.

Other Reasons That Mai Oshima Is Known in Japan

Mai Oshima is best known for being part of AKB48’s Team A and she is also known for having released the Korean song “YOU” that is part of the soundtrack for the Korean drama called “Me Too Flower.” She has also released two other singles, “Aitte Nandaho” in August 2010, and Second Lady in July 2011. Her debut single was released in May 2010. Her participation in AKB48’s singles has been pretty extensive but I will list some of the ones that I have not listed before. I will tell you that some of these song titles are long.

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AKB48 Singles For Mai Oshima

  • 10nen Zakura
  • Skirt, Hirari
  • Aitakatta
  • Romance Irane
  • BINGO!
  • Oogoe Diamond

These are only a few of the many singles that Mai has sung in. Note: Aitakatta is the one AKB48 single that girl group JKT48 sang during a live concert in Indonesia earlier in 2015.

Interesting Facts About Mai Oshima Part 1

  • One of these very interesting facts is that Mai burns incense and she listens to a CD just to relax. She does this no less than once a day. That is a great way to relieve the stresses and concerns of your day.
  • Mai is also a very athletic young woman and she got involved with sports early in her life. She was the captain of her school’s volleyball club. She also plays futsal or indoor soccer for the team XANADU Loves NHC and she wears the number 18 on her uniform.
  • Mai has great respect for celebrities such as the mentioned Kumi Koda, Kyoko Fukada, and actress Nanako Matsushima who became famous in the early 1990’s. There is even a video of her where she shows her impressive figure and starts to swim laps in a pool.

Mai Oshima: More Interesting Facts

  • Mai has said that she would like to visit Hawaii or Guam one day.
  • Mai’s favorite colors include red, black, and white.
  • She is also skilled at jumping through hula hoops and playing the clarinet.
  • Even in cold weather, Mai dresses very light.
  • When Mai is not busy with her entertainment work, she still manages to sing karaoke. You could say that she loves to sing whether she is working or not.
  • Mai’s favorite foods are strawberries, peaches, and apples.
  • Mai is an avid fan of Disney products and she often compares herself to Daisy Duck.
  • What is even more important is that Mai really appreciates her fans and she believes that family and friends are what is most important. This is the trademark of a celebrity that is setting a great example for the world.
  • Mai’s favorite phrase is one that we could all use for our success. She says: “if you want to do something, you can do it.”

That is what influenced me to use my intuition to write this article about her. Thank you Mai Oshima for your wonderful advice!!

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