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All About Japanese Pop Singer Megumi Ohori

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Megumi Ohori Of the Girl Groups AKB48 & SDN48 With Kayo Noro and Yukari Sato

With her SDN48 band mates Kayo Noro (left) & Yukari Sato (right).

With her SDN48 band mates Kayo Noro (left) & Yukari Sato (right).

Who Is Megumi Ohori?

Megumi Ohori born on August 25, 1983 is best known for being a member of the famous Japanese girl group AKB48. She was also a former member of SDN48, one of the many other groups of the 48 groups’ franchise. Although she was born in Chiba, she grew up in Shinagawa. She graduated from a junior college and she has a teaching license for the subject of home economics. She was a basketball player in her school days. I’m assuming that she played basketball in high school.

Note: while the previous article about Ohori touched on an interesting aspect of her career with AKB48, this one will be about her career with the group and the details about her marriage as well.

Megumi Ohori's AKB48 Career In Brief

Having made her debut with AKB48 in February 2006, I could say that Megumi was a late bloomer in this respect. She finally made it into AKB48 in her early 20’s which is very late for this kind of work because these girls usually get into AKB48 when they are around 13-15 years of age. She would pass the AKB48 Second Generation member auditions on February 26, 2006 and make her theater debut on April 1st of that year with Team K. She would involve herself in activities with Ayaka Umeda (ex-DIVA) and Yuko Oshima (gosh I love Yuko as an AKB48 member)! It would be in June 2008 that Ohori would be chosen as a member for the single called “Baby, Baby, Baby.”

Megumi Ohori With Atsuko Maeda


Megumi Ohori Gets Married & Holds a Wedding Ceremony

It would be on January 11, 2013 that Ohori would announce her marriage to screen writer Tetsuya Kanazawa. She made the announcement that she was getting married in December 2012 at the AKB48 Theater at the 7th anniversary special. This makes sense because the officially recognized date of AKB48’s debut as a group was December 8, 2005. She was the first former AKB48 member to get married. It would be on August 17, 2013 that she would hold her wedding ceremony on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. That would make sense because most people wouldn’t want to hold their wedding ceremony in a place that gets cold. Ohori’s wedding dress was designed by Mariko Shinoda whose dress Ohori had always wanted to wear. She was very excited saying that she was very glad that her wish came true! Besides that, the occasion was very memorable for Ohori who said that they were able to hold the wedding ceremony under the Hawaiian skies. She thanked all of her family and friends that were able to make it all the way to Hawaii for the wedding ceremony. She also reflected on the fact that her bond with her partner has become stronger. She said that she can now be everyone’s “married woman idol.” Did she say that sarcastically? Or did she say that seriously? She might have wanted to boost her popularity.

Megumi Ohori With Rina Kawaei

Megumi Ohori (right) is pictured here with now former member of AKB48 Rina Kawaei as she is having what looks like a good time with Rina as they both share a laugh together.

Megumi Ohori (right) is pictured here with now former member of AKB48 Rina Kawaei as she is having what looks like a good time with Rina as they both share a laugh together.

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Megumi Ohori Releases a Deck of Trading Cards

On August 19, 2012, Ohori also released her first set of trading cards. She revealed that as a Japanese idol, she was reminded that she was an idol. These trading cards showed Ohori dressed in various clothing including bathing suits and lingerie. She revealed that when she was in AKB48 she would dress very daringly but now she wears lots of clothes. She revealed that one of the trading cards was made with the image of Yuko Ogura, another Japanese gravure idol that has a cute girl next door kind of look similar to Anri Sugihara. These trading cards were released before Ohori turned 30 years old and she was saying that this sort of thing was important for girls and at this time, Ohori was still in her 20’s.

"Amai Kokansetsu" Megumi Ohori's Solo Single

Interesting Facts About Megumi Ohori

  • She actually failed AKB48’s first generation auditions.
  • With the exception of all those people that took part in the Otona AKB48 Audition, Ohori is the oldest member ever to join AKB48 at age 22.
  • She was ranked first in SDN48’s debut single based on votes from the fans.
  • Her single Amai Kokansetsu was given to her under the condition that if she did not sell 10,000 copies of the single, she would graduate from AKB48. She used the stage name of Meshibe Ohori. She did sell over 10,000 copies of the single and thus, she stayed with AKB48.

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