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All About Japanese Pop Music Singer Tomomi Itano

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Tomomi Itano: A Singer That Is Very Cute

Tomomi Itano may very well be the definition of cute. Look up the word cute in the dictionary and that word describes her perfectly. This Japanese beauty entered the world on July 3, 1991 and has one younger sister. A native of Kanagawa Japan, Tomomi often appears in photo shoots with former AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda. Tomomi is currently signed to and under contract with Horipro. Others call her Tomochin. She loves to dance. Once again, I will try and write the song titles in English so that readers can understand. Tomomi has such a pure face, angelic when you look at it. She is really, really, pretty! On second thought, I think Itano has a big cuteness factor

What Is Tomomi Itano Best Known For?

Tomomi Itano is a Japanese idol singer who is best known as being a member of the famous girl group AKB48. She made her debut with the group in October 2005. She is one of the original founding members of the group along with Minami Takahashi and Atsuko Maeda. Takahashi who had also been with the group since October 2005 was the longest serving member of AKB48 at the time because Tomomi graduated from AKB48 in August 2013. Tomomi was born on July 3, 1991 in the city of Kanagawa. Kanagawa is the city that also gave birth to famous gravure model Sayuri Anzu. Tomomi was born exactly one week before Atsuko Maeda was. Tomomi also shares the same birth year with Minami Takahashi and Aki Takajo. But who really is Tomomi Itano?

"Dear J"


Interesting Facts About Tomomi Itano

  • Tomomi enjoys eating French toast and cherries.
  • She enjoys swimming, dancing, and long distance running.
  • Her mouth is considered to be her charm point.
  • Her favorite manga is Peach Girl.
  • She says that her favorite characters are Marie from “The Aristocats” and Lady from the cartoon called “The Lady and the Tramp.”
  • Tomomi has a younger sister.
  • She enjoys singing songs by the famous Korean pop artist BOA. (Note: I highly recommend Boa’s self-titled album for those that love to listen to pop music).
  • She is a good friend of Erika Umeda of the idol group called C-ute.
  • Prior to joining AKB48, Tomomi was a member of the group called GIRLSBOX.
  • Tomomi is known as "Tomochin."
  • She is good friends with Tomomi Kasai.
  • She is both a model and spokesperson for Samantha Thavasa and E-mobile.
  • Tomomi now has a career as a solo singer.
  • She has the same first name as former AKB48 girl Tomomi Kasai.
  • Tomomi now has a driver’s license.
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"Come Party"

A Brief Look at the Singles That Itano Has Taken Part In

Tomomi’s first appearance on a solo single is on “Dear J.” This became followed by appearances on “Unexpectedly” and on “To You After 10 Years.” She has appeared on many other singles. In July 2011, Tomomi talked about her second single during an interview. She is so sweet and gracious even with the fact that English is not her first language. Who cares because just looking at this cute person is good enough! Some of these include Namida Surprise, BINGO!, Beginner, and Heavy Rotation. She has also released a DVD under her own name. As part of her work with AKB48, each of the members becomes assigned into teams. Tomomi was part of Team A. She remains close with all of her Team A members. But she was moved to Team K after some shuffling took place.

Tomomi Itano Versus Tomomi Kasai

Tomomi Itano With Haruka Shimazaki and Yui Yokoyama


Tomomi Itano's Solo Singles

She released her debut solo single called Dear J on January 26, 2011. Later that summer, she released the single called Fui ni. In 2012, she released her third single called 10nen Go no Kimi e. In 2013, she released the single called 1%. So far in 2014, she has released the single called Little. She was scheduled to release her 6th solo single on December 17, 2014 called COME PARTY! It is being described as a song that is very exciting and will be fun for anyone to listen to. Tomomi also has a debut album called S.W.A.G. which she released in July 2011. She followed that up with the release of her second solo album called Get Ready in 2016. Tomomi Itano is a classic example of a girl that is really cute. She has a high cuteness factor along with Haruka Nakagawa of the group JKT48 and the mentioned Tomomi Kasai. Tomochin is one girl that’s going to get more successful with the passage of time.

Itano is also now a solo singer having released 11 singles including the one called Little. But she was scheduled to release her 6th solo single called COME PARTY! The single was released on December 17, 2014.

Itano who has a high cuteness factor appeared in that photo shoot with now former member Yuko Oshima, Mayu Watanabe, Haruna Kojima, Maeda, and Minami Takahashi. Takahashi was still an active member in AKB48 at the time (2015) and she was the longest serving member of the group until Haruna Kojima passed her in April 2017. She made her debut in October 2005 when she was just 14 years old. She also has contributed on AKB48’s great album called Tsugi no Ashiato.

Tomomi Itano Talks About Dear J & the importance of AKB48

In an interview that she gave in 2011, she discussed her then second single Dear J. Her English was pretty good! She said at the time though that she considered AKB48 to be like her family so it was natural for her to spend more time with those girls even as her solo career was picking up.

Tomomi Itano Releases a Mini Album Called Loca

It was being reported that Itano would release a mini album on October 9, 2019. The album did not have a title yet at the first writing of this section. The album has a concept of being charming and it will have six songs on it. Note: as of October 16, 2019, Tomomi Itano's mini album or extended play (EP) has been released and the title of it is called Loca.

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