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All About Japanese Girl Group Stu48

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What Is the Girl Group STU48?

Well, here is another “new” girl group that has joined the Japanese entertainment industry and that group is called STU48. STU48 stands for Setouchi 48. The origins of STU48 go back to October 2016. It is also the first “sister” musical group of AKB48 to have a shipboard kind of theater. Note: the article will not focus on the ship that the group performs on but it will only look at the group's career to this point including their 2 singles that have been released.

A Photo of the Girl Group STU48


Some Information About Kaze Wo Matsu, the Group's Second Single

The STU48 second single details are here! This is a new Japanese idol group and one of the "sister" or related musical groups of AKB48. The group would end up releasing their second single on August 29th 2018. The single did not have a title when I covered this story in June 2018. The news about the single was announced during a handshake event for the Theater Edition of a recent AKB48 single at Nagoya Dome. That single is the one called "Teacher, Teacher." Note: the second single mentioned earlier now has a title and it is called Kaze Wo Matsu.

What is Significant About Kaze Wo Matsu?

First time high-ranking girls include Yuka Oki, Kokoa Kai, and Mai Nakamura. Takino commented about the news saying that there have been many tears that have been released including tears of joy and tears of sadness. She said that she would carry those tears forward with the goal of getting more people to know about STU48. There is no reason for STU48 to be sad about this news. They should be happy that another single will be released and be part of their history for future generations to remember!

A List of the 5 STU48 Sub-Units

SetomaikuCharming TripKatte ni! Shikoku Kanko Taishi


Seto 7








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A Brief Look at the Career of STU48 So Far

STU48 would get support right away from the Setouchi Destination Marketing Organization and this organization said that it would help STU48 with capital investment, business development support and assistance on coordinating with local governments. The STU48 Theater was supposed to open up in the spring of 2018. Floods across Japan and other factors caused the date of opening to be delayed until the spring of 2019. In addition, in October 2018, there were to be the creation of 5 distinct sub-units. These sub-units had a different agenda or goal in mind. Unlike the other AKB48 sub-units which tend to focus just on music, these 5 sub-units focus on various activities. In November 2018, STU48 was chosen as one of the New Artists of the Year for the 60th Japan Record Awards and this would make them a candidate to win the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist. They became the first group in the AKB48 Group franchise to get this distinction. On April 16, 2019, STU48 had their ship the STU48-go launched during a ship commission ceremony over at Hiroshima Port.

STU48 Second Generation News & Graduating Members

It has been announced as of August 2019 that STU48 will hold auditions to recruit members of the second generation. This announcement was made on August 3, 2019 at the event called Tokyo Idol Festival 2019 in Odaiba. There are two members that have announced their plans to graduate from the group. They are Yuri Torobu and Kaho Mori. Torobu intends to graduate on October 22, 2019 while Mori will graduate at the end of 2019.

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