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All About Haruka Kodama Singer and Member of Girl Group Hkt48

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A First Look at Haruka Kodama

Haruka Kodama LIVE on stage.

Haruka Kodama LIVE on stage.

Haruka Kodama Has Graduated from Idol Group HKT48 But She Still Deserves Coverage

Well everyone, it is time to take a look at the career of Haruka Kodama who as of 2017 was a member of Japanese girl group HKT48. She was still on a hiatus as I wrote this due to what is being described as a poor health condition. Note: Haruka Kodama officially graduated from HKT48 in June 2019.

How Did Haruka Kodama Get Into HKT48?

Born on September 19, 1996, Kodama would pass HKT48’s first generation audition in July 2011 and then she would make an appearance as an HKT48 training member along with the other trainee girls on October 23 of that year at the Flying Get National Handshake Event. Kodama would provide vocals for the B-side track of the single “New Ship.” This is the B-side single for the song called Give Me Five!

Haruka Kodama With Sakura Miyawaki


Haruka Kodama's Career With HKT48 & AKB48

It would be on February 26, 2012 that Kodama would visit Miyagi Prefecture with six other members of AKB48 because they would all be involved in a project called For Someone Project. This was AKB48’s 2011 Miyagi Earthquake charity project.

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On March 4th of that same year, she was chosen to be a full time member of HKT48’s Team H along with 15 other girls. She was also featured on the 26th single of AKB48 called Manatsu No Sounds Good!

However, it would be on April 28, 2013 that Kodama would be given what is called a concurrent position with AKB48 and she would be a part of that group’s Team A until a major AKB48 group shuffle on February 24, 2014 would transfer her to Team K.


As is usually the case, these Japanese idol singers have interesting lives and Haruka Kodama is no exception. So what makes Haruka Kodama interesting?

Interesting Facts About Haruka Kodama

  • Her charm point or beauty trademark as I like to call it is her short hair.
  • She likes to watch movies and read in her spare time.
  • Her favorite song of AKB48 is Sakura no Hanabiratachi.
  • Kaela Kimura is said to be her favorite musical artist.
  • Her two favorite colors are black and white but she likes all colors.
  • Her favorite foods are many including tofu, eggplant, negitoro sushi, pineapples, Mont Blanc, sweet potatoes, and apple pie.
  • Her favorite movie is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Her favorite season is winter.
  • She really loves the smell of a coconut.
  • She is skilled at being able to do leg splits.
  • Her good friend is Japanese idol singer Chihiro Anai.
  • Says that her future ambitions are to become a talent on TV and travel the world.
  • She was in her school’s basketball club.
  • She is known as an original HKT48 center and an ace of its 1st generation.
  • She will forever br special because she is one of the 50 winners of the Young Jump Gravure Competition.
  • Says she wants to visit Italy & the United Kingdom.
  • She is known for having very poor eyesight and as a result she wers contact lenses most of the time.
  • Is known by her most famous nickname of “Haruppi.”
  • She can play the piano.
  • She is right-handed but she is skilled enough to be able to use chopsticks with either hand.
  • Was called “Pipi-Chan” by members of Team K especially Yui Yokoyama.

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