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All About Chihiro Anai: Former Member of Pop Music Group HKT48

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Chihiro Anai

Chihiro Anai

Chihiro Anai Achieved Success At a Very Young Age

Chihiro Anai is a Japanese celebrity that was a member of the Japanese pop music girl group HKT48. Even though she graduated from HKT48 in July 2016, her impact with the group is still something that should be discussed. Chihiro Anai was born on January 27, 1996, in Fukuoka, Japan. She passed the first generation auditions and became an HKT48 member starting in July 2011. She was promoted to Team H in March 2012, and she became the captain of that team.

A Temporary Health Setback

However, Chihiro would experience just a slight setback because of health concerns. It was reported in October 2012 that the then 16-year-old pop singer would be taking a break from her activities for a week due to surgery and treatment for a chalazion. This is something new for me because I’ve never even heard of this condition or disease. Anai went to see a doctor after she experienced discomfort in her left eye. A chalazion is a cyst in the eyelid which is caused by chronic inflammation in an oil gland in the eye itself. Chihiro Anai was required to rest for a week.

Could Chihiro Anai become a rock star one day? She looks very happy playing the guitar.

Could Chihiro Anai become a rock star one day? She looks very happy playing the guitar.

But who is Chihiro Anai? What follows is a series of interesting facts and a comment about those facts wherever it is possible or necessary.

Interesting Facts About Chihiro Anai

  • Chihiro Anai’s hobbies include playing the guitar, watching movies and listening to Korean (K-Pop). These first set of facts are interesting because I like to do at least two out of these three hobbies.
  • She has several favorite colors including red, black, gray, white and dark green.
  • She is skilled in classical ballet. This part of her life is very interesting which we will get to in a little while.
  • Chihiro is good friends with Haruka Kodama and Aoi Motomura whom she treats like a younger sister. Both of their families get along very well with each other.
  • Chihiro is interested in fashion and because of this her future ambition is to establish a fashion brand and have a store.
  • When she was the captain of Team H, the members often called her “CAP.”
  • It is said that Chihiro loves to take pictures with the other HKT48 members.
  • Even though Chihiro’s mother is from Okinawa, there is no official confirmation as to whether Chihiro herself is of Okinawan descent or not.
  • She was born with a congenital disease, but she recovered from it and has no problems today.
  • Chihiro makes sure to give every member of HKT48 a gift on their birthday. In addition, she also gives her used clothes to other members of the group.
  • Chihiro Anai knows how to speak Korean and was able to demonstrate her ability of this on episodes of the program called HKT48 no Odekake. The main objective of this show was for the members to visit places in or around Fukuoka in order to get new fans.
  • Chihiro Anai also got some good news or fortune when she got 3rd place in the last round of voting for an audition for Young Magazine. As a result, she won a 1-year exclusive gravure modeling contract with that magazine in May 2015.
  • In addition to knowing how to play the guitar, Chihiro also learned how to play the bass for the performances of the HKT Brass Band in the Yokohama Arena Concert. That concert was part of the HKT48 national tour.

Chihiro Anai's Entry Into Classical Ballet and Graduation from HKT48

In an interview in the Asashi newspaper, Chihiro Anai talked about how she got into classical ballet. She was influenced by her older sister who is 5 years older than her. After she started practicing ballet, she discovered that she liked to perform on stage. She was very happy when she was praised by her teacher. In July 2016, Chihiro Anai graduated from HKT48 because she wanted to finish her university studies—she was majoring in business. However, when Chihiro made the choice to join HKT48, she was forced to quit classical ballet lessons which she says is her only regret in life. If that is her biggest regret, she really has nothing to worry about. Chihiro Anai has become the team captain of a girl group and been able to secure a modeling contract and she is only 24-years-old. The future looks very bright for Chihiro Anai.

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