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Alice at the Royal Opera House

Ariyah Elrith labels herself as a mother, writer and seeker. In that order. She has been writing most of her life.


Wacky, sinister and boundlessly entertaining, Christopher Wheeldon's magical ballet rendition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland proved to be a spectacular tribute to Lewis Carroll. Commissioned by the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, it first premiered back in 2011 to flourishing praise.

I'm immensely glad to have been able to view this spectacular performance before the curtains were drawn in mid January last year.

From the very start we are thrust into a visually astounding world of luxurious picnics, psychedelic rabbit holes and eloquent theatrics. Zenaida Yanowsky took on the role as Queen of Hearts with perfection and Alexander Campbell's rendition of the Mad Hatter was certainly something to take your hat off to!

To be able to sit through a dance interpretation of one of the most ludicrously lunatic (though undoubtedly loveable) literature pieces ever written, I thought would be asking far too much of me. However, from start to end I was completely absorbed in the world of Alice and her adventure in Wonderland.

If ever this performance returns to the stage whether at the Royal Opera House or anywhere else, I would definitely say it deserves a viewing. Particularly if you like to see magic (of the creative variety) brought to life on stage.

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