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Alice Cooper's Cover Of a Lou Reed Song Could Be Easily Expanded

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Decades After Visiting Hell, Alice Cooper Dips Into the Velvet Underground


Now in his Seventies, Alice Cooper is as steadfast as he was in his heyday during the Seventies. Not only did he release the excellent Paranormal album a few years ago, but he also has come out with a new project here in 2020.

Detroit Stories, the new album, is performed strictly by well-known musicians from the Motor City. They include Steve Hunter, Mark Farner, Joe Bonamossa, and Tony Henrikson, and the Detroit-born Cooper even does a cover by the late Lou Reed.

The Andy Warhol associate while leading the Velvet Underground wrote a song titled “Loaded,” which Cooper and his Motor City band make their own on the new disc. Produced by long-time Cooper associate Bob Ezrin, Detroit Stories is scheduled for a February 26 release.

Until then fans can content themselves with ideas of other Reed tunes that Cooper could easily adopt for his records and shows, such as these ten.

1. Andy's Chest from Transformer

With references to bats and ocelots and rattlesnakes, this ode to Andy Warhol would be a perfect addition to an Alice Cooper show.

2. Don't Hurt a Woman from Mistrial

This cut could be a companion piece for Welcome To My Nightmare's “Only Women Bleed,” the biggest hit from that album.

3. Halloween Parade from New York

“There's a downtown fairy singing Proud Mary” Reed says to open the song, providing the shock rocker with an opportunity to add even more supernatural characters to his act.

4. Cremation-Ashes To Ashes from Magic & Loss 1992

The title says it all, for Vincent Furnier's alias has forged a career out of images of death.

5. Senselessly Cruel from Rock and Roll

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Already employing whips and guillotines on the stage, Cooper could easily work a cover of this song into his set list.

6. The Power of Positive Drinking from Growing Up In Public

or Underneath the Bottle from The Blue Mask

Because of his troubles with alcoholism, Alice might adapt these track to send a message about the dangers of that disease.

7. Vicious from Transformer

Reed sings of being hit with a flower, although a Cooper cover might replace it with something much more tortuous.

8. Why Can't I Be Good from Faraway, So Close

Fans can find this number on the 2007 Soundtrack, which also features Nick Cave.

9. Sword of Damocles-Externally from Magic & Loss

Its first word is sword, so it would be immediately appealing to the Billion Dollar Baby.

10. Video Violence from Mistrial

Cooper has proven himself adept at both concepts in this title, making it an ideal inclusion for his performances.

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