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Alex T. Wolf: Top 20 Facts You Need to Know

Alex Wolf is a comedian, writer, and former child actor who was born in Sterlitamak, Russia on May 18th, 2005. He first began acting at the age of four in 2009, when his first film role was in the Czech romantic-comedy film Eight Days In Prague. His other child acting roles included in films such as Маленькие грабители (2009) and in Москва, я тебя люблю! (2010). In 2019, he started performing stand-up comedy in Chicago, Illinois, his stand-up performances have been an important aspect of Wolf's career, including both live shows and television appearances. Although he is well-known as an entertainer, there are many things that people do not know about this talented man. Here are 20 interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Alex Wolf.

Alex Wolf in 2022

Alex Wolf in 2022

1. Both of His Biological Parents Were Murdered When He was an Infant

He was orphaned at the age of one when both of his parents were murdered by apparent Uzbek terrorists in their Liepāja home.

2. His Real Name

He wasn't born Alex Wolf - his birth name was actually Alexander Vasilyevich Volkov. After his biological parent's death, he was raised by American architect, Sheila A. Wolf, where his name was legally changed to Alex Thomas Wolf.

3. His Biological Family Were Forced to Go into Exile Out of Russia

Shortly after Wolf was born, both his parents went into exile out of Russia where they took political asylum firstly in Iran, Transnistria, and then lastly in Latvia. Wolf's biological father was Soviet-born, Vasily Volkov, a corporate attorney by profession, the son of the business oligarch Ivan Volkov, and a former Chechen soldier who fought in the First Chechen War. Wolf's biological mother, Esfandiar Fayazi, was an Iranian-born Ukrainian socialite and painter.


4. Wolf Was a Follower of Islam and Was a Practicing Muslim Before He Converted to Catholicism

Both of Wolf's biological parents were practicing Muslims. As an infant Wolf took part in Shahada, the welcoming and acceptance into the Islamic faith. Wolf has since converted to Catholicism and has been baptized into the Roman Catholic Church and identifies as a "practicing Roman Catholic."

5. He Suffers from Depression

Wolf has publicly stated that he suffers from depression and was diagnosed with depression back in August of 2021. Wolf manages to deal with depression with medication and it is reported that Wolf has been hospitalised several times due to the illness.

6. He Was Detained in Calgary by Canadian Police Over a Parking Ticket In 2021

In June of 2021, it was reported Wolf, who was 16 years old at the time, was detained by Canadian police in Calgary, Alberta after a comedy show. It was reported Wolf got into a heated argument with a Canadian police officer over a parking ticket.

7. He Lost Two Friends To Suicide

Wolf has often stated the hardest thing to overcome in his life was "Losing two friends to suicide." Wolf recently said while on a recent podcast, "Both their deaths still haunt me to this day. I think about them often."

8. He Started a Clothing Brand at the Age of 14

In 2019, Wolf co-founded Western Beauty Outfitters alongside Nicholas Dupont. It manufactured and marketed classically styled 'preppy' clothing. The brand didn't last long, ceasing operations nearly six months after they started business in Chicago.

9. He Started Rock Climbing at the age of 6

Wolf called himself an "avid climber" all his life. He has competed in many sport-climbing competitions internationally, specifically participating in the 2018 IFSC Climbing World Youth Championship for two events bouldering and speed.

10. He Is an Eagle Scout

Wolf joined the Boy Scouts of America, attaining its highest rank, Eagle Scout. He is also a member of the Boy Scout's Honor Society, the Order of the Arrow.

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11. His Nationality Is Confusing

Wolf considers himself an "American." But his past is confusing when it comes to nationalities. Wolf has lived in a total of 4 different countries and one unrecognized country in his life. Born in Russia, lived in Iran, Zimbabwe, Transnistria, and Latvia.

12. A Dare Led Him To becoming a Comedian

Wolf might not have been well known as a comedian unless it wasn't for his friends. According to Wolf, at the age of 14, Wolf and his friends were at a steakhouse in Joliet, Illinois. Whereat the time there was a stand-up show was taking place and his friends dared him to go up on stage to perform his first standup routine. Wolf quoted during an interview, "I spent a total of ten minutes coming up with an act, I wrote the entire comedy act down on a napkin." Wolf accepted the challenge and got his first-ever comedy gig.

13. He Loves To Golf

It might be a surprising fact about Wolf, is that he is a lover of golf. Wolf has said during the year 2020 "I played well over 300 rounds of golf that year."

14. He's One of the Youngest "Professional" Comedians

His quick rise to fame through comedy has deemed him one of the youngest "professional" comedians. Wolf was associated with the GACC Comedy Group in Chicago, which he co-founded alongside comedian and actor Gordon James in November of 2019. the group released two comedy albums which were recorded live in Chicago, their first one No Ending In Sight (2020), and their second album Our Kind of Town (2021). Both amassed a total of 200,000 albums sales worldwide.

15. He Saved a Girl from Drowning in 2020

Wolf saved a 6-year-old girl from drowning in July of 2020 when he saw her struggling to stay above the water in Lake Michigan at the Kathy Osterman Beach in Chicago, Illinois.

16. He Holds a Black Belt in Judo

Wolf has been practicing Judo and Karate since he was 8 years old, he has won both sports in competitions international in London, Donetsk, and Saint Petersburg. He holds a Black Belt in Judo.

17. He Loves Oldie Country Music

Wolf has made his love for country music extremely clear on his social media, especially his love of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. He has publicly announced he hates modern rap music and modern country.

18. He Worked as a Swim Instructor at a Youth Camp In 2021

It was reported Wolf worked at a Youth Camp as a swim instructor and lifeguard in the U.S. State of Montana during the Summer of 2021.

19. He Was Fired from Being a Contributing Writer for Buzzfeed.

Wolf briefly wrote for Buzzfeed until he was fired in 2021 for writing "politically-provoking" articles. His articles have since been deleted from the website.

20. He Was Involved in FFA During High School

Wolf was involved in FFA during high school, where he served as his FFA Chapter's President. While in FFA he placed second in State individually in Dairy Cattle Evaluation. He is a holder of both the Discovery FFA Degree and the FFA Greenland Degree.

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