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Album Review: "Stabwound Orgasm" by Spanish Death Metal Band Avulsed

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Spain's Avulsed Came Out With What May Be Their Best Album

Spanish death metal band Avulsed which we may as well consider to be Spain’s version of Cannibal Corpse really took things to a sort of savage level musically with their second studio album in 1999 called Stabwound Orgasm. This is also the very first album that I heard from these guys and I was totally in awe at the heaviness and drumming style as well as the brutality of the guttural vocals by David Sanchez Gonzalez also known by his stage name of Dave Rotten.

This Is the Album That Put Avulsed On the Heavy Metal Map of Greatness

The title track is the first song I ever heard from these guys and be prepared to hear some of the most intense death metal you will ever hear in your life. But with the way the album begins, you may wonder if this is going to be a death metal album at all because “Amidst the Macabre” is a short instrumental song. There may be a possibility that these guys wanted to set the stage for a really brutal death metal album and if that was their goal they have accomplished that with this album. Analyzing this album in 2022, it would be reasonable to assert that this album could have been either before or ahead of its time in terms of the brutality of the vocals. Yes, the Chris Barnes era for Cannibal Corpse had its own kind of vocal and or musical roughness but Avulsed takes it to a new level with this album. Whether you have the CD for this album or whether you choose to listen to the album on YouTube you will have made a very good decision either way if you are a fan of extreme metal.

The Only Con to This Album Is the Title

Here is an obvious con to this album and that disadvantage actually has nothing to do with the quality of the songs but something else that some fans may not pay attention to. There is somewhat of an issue with the album’s title however. Even if Avulsed is an extreme metal band, having such a title for an album could cause the band to not sell as many copies as they would like to although this may just be one of those assumptions. Did they take a page out of Cannibal Corpse’s book and or were they influenced by other bands of the genre such as Gorguts? Those possibilities are likely.

Avulsed Is a Death Metal Band With Lots of Melody

Avulsed might as well be in the same league as a few other death metal bands, those being Decapitated and Krabathor. Though Avulsed also manages to include exotic riffs and solos. After all, they are European and that’s one of those musical qualities that seem to be in their blood for them to use and show the world of their immense talents.

More Than Just a Great Extreme Metal Album

This is more than just an extreme metal album. It is also a way that Avulsed made a major statement. They tried to bring awareness to the major flaws of the human experience, one of them being those people that are misanthropes filled with rage inside of them.

This second release by these Spanish guys really put them on a fast track to become one of Spain’s best death metal bands. From the thundering, guttural and heavy title track to the catchy beginning in the song “Blessed by Gore” this is one of those albums in which the solid tracks are plenty. Then there is the great song “Compulsive Hater which lyrically is basically about a misanthrope which is someone that hates humans. There is also a song here that has lyrics entirely in Spanish (track #6) with an unusual title even for Spanish. After that song, we have the really catchy “Anthro-Pet-Phagus which starts with the chorus interestingly enough. Normally, in these songs, you would have one or two verses then the chorus. But first we have the guitars and the solid drumming to set the stage for the chorus. The last song in this album called “Virtual Massacre” starts with a thundering drum part and the rough vocals which go together very well. This second studio album by Spain’s Avulsed is recommended for any fans of extreme metal music. Every single song is good and this is more than likely Avulsed’s finest moment as a band.

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