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Album Review: Saintmotelevision by Saint Motel

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Album Review- Saintmotelevision

A Little Background

‘Saintmotelelvison’ is the latest album from the indie pop band Saint Motel. This is the second studio album from the band. It includes a mix of fun, easy to listen to songs with some nice themes sprinkled throughout the lyrics. The album art, with its vintage collage like style, corresponds with the mixture of old and new sounds in their album. It also plays into the theme of being “born again” complimenting the image of the woman’s’ arms outstretched and ready to fall into the water. The songs themselves discuss themes of rejuvenation, and self-discovery, really reaching out to the wanderlust loving millennial demographic.

Saint Motel began in Los Angeles and released their first EP “For Play” in 2009. They're career continued to grow with their hit “Puzzle Pieces” from their first studio album “Voyeur”. But their claim to fame came about when their second EP "My Type" was released in 2014. With its catchy brass section and boppy drum line, it’s hard not to dance along. All of this lead to a really eclectic mix of music on their newest album, while still keeping the bands unique elements consistent.


Tuning into 'Saintmotelevison'

‘Saintmotelevison’ begins with the first single of the album, “Move”. The song itself is a call to action, inviting the listener into the album and urging them to “get up” and “move” right now. The human elements of clapping as well as chorus effects allows for the band to connect to the listener even further. This opening track can easily be seen as a stand-alone song that would be fun to play with friends on the go.

The band continues with the “go-getter” theme on their second single “You Can Be You”. This song is a great parallel to “Move” in sound, with a slower indie groove. It implements soft electronic elements that create a really warm atmosphere. It could easily be categorized as a summer jam, that could be played in a car with all the windows down driving to the beach. A lazy whistling line accompanied by warm bass and a honky sounding piano really sets the scene of a happy summer day. This song preaches the value of being an individual, telling everyone that they can be “whatever you want”.

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Changing the Channel

Saint Motel discusses relatable themes on their album with the standout track “Destroyer”, which tackles the classic issue of heartbreak. Instead of it being a sappy song about broken hearts, it’s an empowering track about taking charge of a situation and making it your own. The lyrics in this song are really astounding, the singer boasting “I don’t break hearts, no that’s not me, I don’t break hearts I destroy them”. The song itself has a rich saxophone line that starts off the intense, driving mood. It also showcases each of the musician’s individual talents with drum solos, bass solos and even more blasting brass sections in the middle of the song.

The album in all does a nice job of seamlessly combining new and old sounds to create something that sounds almost nostalgic. This seems to be a big trend in popular media right now, so it seems fit that Saint Motel would combine these elements in their song "For Elise". An upbeat, poppy tune; it gives a shout out to some of the greatest female artists in music history such as Norma Jean and Carole King. They do this all while giving a great nod to Beethoven’s famous "Fur Elise" at the same time. The song uses sweet chorus tones, as well as fast spoken lyrics to keep it high energy and fun to listen to. In all it sounds like a song that would come out of a session mixing together 21 Pilots and the Beatles.


Turning off the TV

Saint Motel wraps up the main message of their album in “Born Again” using lyrics that describes a “rebirth” of the person in this song. It continues on the theme of finding new opportunities in life as an individual rather than with another person, and does that with a really light gospel feel.

Overall, ‘Saintmotelevison’ is an easy listen to put you in a good mood. You can’t help but move when listening to the music, and it just puts a smile on your face. It’s a great representation of the band and their overall joyous sound and messages.

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