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Album Review: Diabology, "Father of Serpents"

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Introducing the Second Studio Album From the Band Diabology

Father of Serpents is the second studio album by Los Angeles California based thrash metal band Diabology released in 2022. They have been around since 2016. Since I saw them showcased on the New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal YouTube channel, I decided to give these guys a listen. These guys chose to defy the sub-genres of metal and they instead call their music thrash. The meaning of the word diabology is defined as the study of the devil or devils. The band stated what their approach was in regards to the songwriting of this album. This was an opportunity for them to explore different genres of metal and write the songs in such a way so they wouldn’t alienate their fan base.

The Musical Style of Father of Serpents

What we have here is definitely thrash metal with a young, really hoarse kind of voice similar to the band Hexen. Stylistically, these guys are influenced by bands such as Lamb of God, Born of Osiris, and Testament as well. The vocals are so hoarse that they sound like death metal vocals but this shows us just how much thrash metal has evolved. To say that Diabology is strictly groove metal would be missing the point. They show us that they play a modern style of thrash metal that works out very well.

About the Songs In Diabology's Second Studio Album

“Ode to Oghta” is one of the songs that shows the 1980s thrash metal and a touch of progressive metal influence in the middle of the song similar to how Fates Warning would sound. However the song first starts out with a slower riff pattern followed by some good bass guitar. The album starts with the title track which is a bit unusual for modern bands. “Writhe” is a song that has a more groove based style and it sounds like something Mokoma would have written in the early 2000s. Lyrically, the song is about a force that is consuming all minds as there is nowhere to run to. Then there is a departure from the usual thrash style from these guys as the song “Eat My Heart Out” has an acoustic start to it similar to Yngwie J. Malmsteen but then the song gets distorted with chants of the word “hey” being heard. The song lyrically addresses the cycles of both pleasure and pain but can we really be writhing in pleasure and screaming in pain? “Spoil” is a really good blues metal kind of instrumental song and this song shows that these guys are willing to test the musical boundaries and expand outside of thrash metal even if it is just brief. This song definitely isn’t of the thrash metal style but it is still good. You can look at this song as being influenced by Vinnie Moore. “Blackblood” is a song that sees Diabology return to the groovy thrash metal style and this song sounds like Finnish groove metal band S-Tool. “Lighthouse Hymn” near the end has a progressive part that sounds like Arise era Sepultura. An example of this would be the 7th song on the album Arise.

"Writhe" the Second Song On Father of Serpents

Father of Serpents is a good album but it certainly isn’t perfect. The hoarse vocals could be improved on so we could really hear what is being said without having to struggle to find lyrics for these songs. These guys show that they have potential but they just need to improve the vocals and maybe do a little bit less of the groove metal riffing and put in slightly more melodies.

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