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Akina Miyazato: Singer, Model, & Former Member of Girl Group Folder5

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A first look at Akina Miyazato


Who is Akina Miyazato?

Singer and now gravure idol Akina Miyazato is known for her time spent in the girl group Folder5. She goes by the stage name Akina however. She was born on the island of Okinawa on June 19, 1985. Her industry debut came in 1997. Because there isn’t much information about her, this article will also discuss her activities with the group. I really think that Akina looks somewhat like actress and gravure idol Aya Hirayama. However, as you might notice, Akina Miyazato may be cuter than her and she is less popular. But her volume of work released so far is pretty good.

The Beginning of the Group Folder5 & Akina Miyazato's Role In It

Akina started as one of the singers of Folder5 which was a spinoff group of the former Folder. The group was formed when all the members were teenagers. The group lasted from 2000 until about 2003. The group consisted of members Akina, Hikari Mitsushima, Natsu Aga, Moe Ishihara, and Arisa Nakama. The group was signed to the Avex Trax record label during their short career. It is assumed that the group put a halt to their activities in 2003.

The Single Supergirl and rise in recognition for Folder5

Their first single called Supergirl was released in 2000. However, with their 3rd single called Believe, the band really started to have some kind of recognition. That single was chosen as the second opening theme song for the popular anime called “One Piece.” Their fourth single called “Stay” produced one more hit song called “Ready!” This song was used in the very short Jango’s Dance Carnival. This was part of the anime One Piece’s second movie called “Clockwork Island Adventure”. Yes, the band was really busy during this time period.

"Amazing Love" Folder5 Single

Some more photos of Akina Miyazato

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What happened during the rest of Folder5's career?

Another single that Folder5 released was Magical Eyes. This single was used as part of the opening theme for Nezumix, known in North America and Europe as Sneakers. Their last single as a group is called My Miracle and this was released in May 2002. It can be assumed that the band chose to break up and the members all went their separate ways. However, there was a Best Collection Album released which has all of their singles and a DVD that has all of the group’s music videos. Akina started her solo work in 2002 and as of this writing has released three singles.

They have also released four full length albums. Their debut album is called Hyper Groove 1 released in 2001. This was followed by Five Girls in 2002 and Hyper Groove Party in 2003. The fourth and final one before the group’s breakup is called Folder + Folder 5 Complete Box also released in 2003.

Akina Miyazato: her marriage and personal life

In August 2012, it was reported that Akina is dating a comedian that is ten years older than her. In June 2013, it was reported that she had married comedian Oki Bibiru.

In 2013, she joined ShinyLips, a rock band. Miyazato is skilled at writing lyrics for songs and dancing, something that will be an asset for her should she choose to dance professionally.

What Kinds of Music Fans Will Enjoy Akina Miyazato's Music?

Fans of artists such as Namie Amuro, May Nakabayashi (May'N), and AKB48 will find Akina's solo works pretty good. Of course, they won't be as good as AKB48 but they are decent songs.

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