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Aki Kawamura Beautiful Japanese Bikini Model and Television Star

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A first look at the beautiful Aki Kawamura


Basic Statistics of Aki Kawamura

  • Her name at birth was Kawamura Aki
  • Bust 86 centimeters
  • Waist 58 centimeters
  • Hips 83 centimeters
  • Height 157 centimeters
  • Hair color is brown
  • Eye color is also brown
  • Blood type is A

Who is Aki Kawamura?

Aki Kawamura is a Japanese bikini model and television “idol”. It is quite common in Japan for these bikini models to also become actresses and when they do this, they can expand their work possibilities. This gorgeous Japanese celebrity was born on October 15, 1980 in Tokyo, Japan. She made her debut in 1999 at the age of 19 when she became a part of the Yellow Cab Talent Agency. This is the same agency that bikini model Harumi Nemoto made her debut with. And then some time after that it is reported that she was out of the public spotlight for a while.


How Did Aki Kawamura Become Famous?

When she returned, Aki became a part of the Spice Talent Agency. She has released a few DVDs. They are Fuji Television Visual Queen of the Year ’00 and Aki Kawamura Aloha Paradise. Although she stands at only 5 feet and two inches tall, fans have fallen in love with her cute looks. And I would find it hard to disagree. It can be easy for people to confuse her with Japanese bikini model and actress Yukie Kawamura because they both have the same surname. But they are not related to each other.

Aki Kawamura in various styles of dress


Aki Kawamura: one of the most beautiful models in the world

In the Japanese entertainment industry, AV idol is short for adult video idol. These women will do photo shoots in school clothes, bikinis and in one-piece swimsuits. They do not do any kind of nude acts however, unless they become adult video stars such as Tina Yuzuki or Maria Takagi. Aki Kawamura unlike some of the other gravure models does not dress up in a school uniform and instead, she really shows her stunning figure. She is not afraid to expose her body and you can see just how sexy she is. I really think that she should have been enough of a fan favorite so that fans could vote her in among the top 10 celebrities that they would want to go to the beach with. If Haruka Ayase and Aya Ueto got enough votes from fans as to being some of the top celebrities to go to the beach with, then Aki should have gotten lots of consideration for that too. She definitely has a really good beach body and her legs are really nice looking and they have lots of curves!

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