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Pee Mak - An Unreliable Movie Review

The Facts

Pee-Mak (2013) is a Thai Horror-Comedy movie directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun. It was released on 28 March 2013. The film is a modern day retelling of the Mae Nak Phra Khanong legend of Thai folklore. Pee-mak is one of Thailand's highest grossing films of all time.

The story

Long long back, there was a guy named Mak who had to leave his pregnant wife behind to go and fight a war. He met four friends Ter, Puak, Shin and Aey in the war zone and fought alongside with them. While they were about to accept defeat , Mak remembered that he won't be able to see his wife and child ever if he die in the battlefield. He decided to do his best so that he can go back home to his wife. With great effort he was able to get himself and his friends out alive.

Since everyone was able to live thanks to Mak, his friends decides that they will accompany him back home. They meet Mak's beautiful wife(Nak) and their new born child. Mak offers them his late aunt's house to stay for a while. The very next day when they go to the market to buy some groceries, they hear the rumour that Mak's wife is a ghost. The villagers believe she died during her child birth and became a ghost. Mak obviously doesn't believe it but his friends have their doubts.

They try different methods to verify if Nak is a ghost. After finding a corpse wearing the wedding ring as Nak, they come to the conclusion that Nak is in fact a ghost and decides to flee the place. Later, they decide against it as they want to help Mak realize that his wife is a ghost. They try alternate methods to make Mak see the truth since it was rumored that Nak will kill anyone who tries to tell Mak that she is a ghost.

Finally they devise a plan to kidnap Mak when he goes on a date with Nak to the nearby festival. His friends bring some holy rice which is believed to keep ghosts at bay. After successfully kidnapping Mak , they notice that Mak is wearing the same wedding ring as the dead body and begin to doubt that Mak is the ghost and throw the holy rice at him. When they see Mak crying out loud, they run away thinking Mak is the real ghost.

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They visit Nak and apologize to her for believing the rumour and ask her to leave with them. Since they knew Nak won't leave Mak, they lie to her telling her Mak is waiting for her. They try to flee the village but Mak catches up to them and swims to towards their boat where he begins to drown. They save Mak realizing that he is not the ghost since the ghosts cannot drown.

They finally realizes that Mak is in fact the ghost and jumps out of the boat to save themselves. They take Mak to a temple thinking the ghost won't be able to enter the temple. This theory is soon proven wrong as she terrorizes them in the temple. Nak finally confesses that she and the child died during the childbirth and she waited even after death to be with Mak. When one of his friends tells her that it's against nature for a dead person to be with a living one, she tells them that if she can't stay with Mak, she will take him with her.

Mak comes forward determined to die just as his wife wishes. But she decided against it as she realizes that Mak is scared of her. Nak finally says her goodbyes and decides to leave but Mak asks her to stay. He reveals that he knew that she was a ghost from the beginning and decided to stay with her. After a heartfelt moment between them, Nak decides to stay with her husband.

In the epilogue, Mak and Nak, along with his friends start a haunted house to earn money and live happily ever after.


Pee-Mak is an extremely well made movie. The movie have perfectly incorporated the legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong with a happy ending unlike the actual legend. The lead actors Mario Maurer (Mak) and Davika Hoorne (Nak) has done an incredible job portraying the characters. One of strongest points of the movie is the supporting characters especially the actors who played the role of Mak's friends.

The movie is fast paced and funny. Even though there are rarely any jump scares, the movie keeps you guessing who among the couple is the real ghost . The love story of the naive and loving Mak and the calm and intimidating Nak is portrayed in a subtle yet heartwarming way in the movie.


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