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Aint Rich Yet Visuals Are Here Via Qua Da Hustla


Qua Da Hustla Background

Born and raised in North Philly, rising artist Qua Da Hustla is primarily a hip-hop/rap musician. Coming from a tough environment like he speaks on in his music, this inspired him at a young age to take his craft very seriously. Boasting a direct but rhythmic style in-line with some of his inspirations like Future, and new school artist Rod Wave, Qua Da Hustla looks to provide inspiration with each one of his releases. Dropping his first hit single in 2019, this track was titled “Adding Up”. From that point forward, Qua wanted to do everything he could to build on his name and brand. Fast forward to now, Qua Da Hustla has built a strong collection of music, as well as built a strong supporting fan base. Eager to keep elevating in this industry, Qua has released the long awaited visuals to one of his fan favorites.

Qua and Company Never Stop

The “Ain’t Rich Yet” visuals have officially landed from Qua Da Hustla and company. Releasing this track back in October of 2020, Qua felt it was only right to follow up with some fire visuals. Looking to reach those who can relate to his music in any way shape or form, Qua feels as if his music has the potential to motivate those out there like himself. Not letting the bag get in his way, Qua wants others to know it’s okay if they “aren’t rich yet”. Banking on his unique sound and style, Qua does a great job on this track utilizing these attributes. Also providing his fans with real life experiences through his lyrics, Qua looks to speak on situations he knows others are going through as well. Even if the situation may not be exactly the same, he hopes that his music offers a way to relate and escape their realities, “I think what separates my music from the competition is my unique sound and the things that I’m actually speaking on/talking about. Most people can relate too instead of looking pass it. I talk about about real life things I’m going through which I know it’s people out there feeling the same way if not going through something similar I’m able to be their voice and talk for them and talk to them through my music.”

What Keeps Qua Da Hustla Going

His inspiration for this track comes from the struggle of being from the “trenches”. Going through hardships and getting through tough times was a part of Qua’s everyday life. Trying to figure everything out as he went with little to no support made things even tougher. He relays these messages through his music in hopes he can support someone in a similar situation he went through. Also featuring on this track is Qua’s partner in crime, TNC Laid. His stellar verse brings in a similar message as Qua, looking to motivate the streets. If you have not had a chance to stream “Aint Rich Yet” it is out now via all streaming platforms, as well as the new visuals which can be found on Youtube.

Watch "Aint Rich Yet" via Youtube

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