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Agust D Album: The Most Savage Lyrics & Shocking Revelations

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.

Agust D is the debut mixtape by South Korean rapper Agust D, better known as Suga of BTS.

Agust D is the debut mixtape by South Korean rapper Agust D, better known as Suga of BTS.


We ARMYs know that Min Yoon-gi, better known as Suga of BTS, has an alter ego named Agust D. The name Agust D was derived from his stage name spelled backwards, T which means city from English to Spanish, and D for his hometown, Daegu, where his interest in rap began. Suga from BTS vs Agust D is totally different in terms of style and music arrangement because Agust D is Min Yoon-gi’s dark persona, and we can easily tell that by listening to his self-titled debut mixtape which was released on August 15, 2016 on SoundCloud by Big Hit Entertainment (re-branded as HYBE). Agust D album was later on re-released on February 2018 for digital purchase and streaming, which gained the #3 spot on Billboard’s World Albums Chart.

Agust D poured his heart and soul in the album by sharing his hardcore rap style from his underground influences, and his reflections on the most personal facts and experiences that new fans may not know about. In this article, I’d like to highlight the most savage lyrics that serve as his response to haters, and the shocking revelations about his life, before and during his early years in the music industry.


1. Agust D

Agust D is one of my ultimate favorite songs from his mixtape. It's an introduction to Agust D as an alter ego. The song is directed to the haters and his senior rappers whom he looked up to, but belittled him for being an idol. In this song, he also flaunts the success he achieved through his dedication and hard work, to point out that it wasn't easy for him to reach his status in the music industry, contrary to the haters' belief.

For some reason, this is the only song from the mixtape album that is not on Spotify, but it is available on SoundCloud.

Below are my favorite diss lines:

I'm the guy that will carve history on the ground

Always getting more light

Among other hopeless rappers

The racquet caused by the jealous hyungs

Who are scared I'd take away

Their source of income with my fame

Hey ho I don't give a shit

When you're busy being a moron

I will simply bury you alive in the grave

You dug out yourself

Hey ho you can't handle me

You wasted rappers should be grateful

Scroll to Continue

That I'm an idol

Agust D 'Agust D' MV


2. Give It to Me

Give It to Me is another one of my favorite diss tracks in the album. Most especially, because it talks about crab mentality, which is something that I hate the most. The song talks about people who pull others down in order to be successful, and Agust D flaunts his hard-earned achievements on this song, emphasizing his disgust over those people who had to play dirty in order to be famous.

Here are my favorite diss lines:

I’m still not sure about the secret to success

But I think I know the secret to failure

The secret is to play the fool just like you

And keep blabbing your mouth

But I wouldn’t live like that even if I had to die

Agust D ‘give it to me’ MV


3. 724148

724148 tells the story about Min Yoon-gi's struggle in becoming a music artist. Even though the beat doesn’t seem like it’s a sad song, I got teary-eyed when I read the lyrics to this song. It speaks so much about Min Yoon-gi's passion and determination to achieve his dream. About how he couldn't reach no. 1 with his studies, so he left Daegu to fulfill his dreams and be no. 1 in music. 724 was the number of the bus that he used to ride from his home to his small music production job in Daegu. During that time, he would often decide whether to walk home or go hungry because if he rode the bus, he wouldn't have money left to eat. 148 was the bus he used to ride during his trainee days to and from the dorm in Apgujeong, Seoul. He juggled school, work, and being an idol trainee to fulfill his dreams of becoming a music artist, and there were people who doubted that he would succeed.

My favorite diss lines are:

Ok ok ok watch closely

Leave your doubtful comments about whether I’d debut

Watch me after a year ass****, look at what I’ll be doing

You would see me on TV and then decide to contact me


4. 140503 at Dawn

140503 refers to May 3, 2014, the date when Min Yoon-gi started reflecting on his life. In this song, he talks about how he developed sociophobia. That he had to always prepare a mask to hide himself to look tough.

Below are my favorite revelation lines:

Pretending not to be lonely, pretending not to be in pain

Pointlessly pretending to be okay

Pointlessly pretending to be strong

Don’t climb over the wall I’ve built in front of me

I’m the island in this vast ocean, don’t abandon me


5. The Last

The Last is my ultimate favorite song in this album. This is what made me google the English lyrics to this song, as well as the other songs because I really felt Agust D’s strong emotions of sadness, pain, and anger. This song contains the most shocking revelations about Min Yoon-gi that breaks my heart, but at the same time, it makes me respect him even more as a person. He showed a side of him that I never knew until I checked out the English lyrics. The song speaks about depression and OCD, which I can very much relate to. But the most shocking things I learned from this song that really broke my heart were his attempt of self-harm which was censored during the bridge part, and those days when he tried to sleep on the toilet floor.

My favorite revelation lines:

At times I’m scared of myself too

Thanks to the depression that takes over me

And all my self hatred

Min Yoongi is dead already (I killed him)

Comparing my dead passion with others

It’s now a part of my daily life


6. Tony Montana

The title, Tony Montana is based on the protagonist of the 1983 film, Scarface. In this song, Agust D speaks about his newfound wealth as an idol, and sends a message to everyone who blames his success for their failure. He performed this song live with Jimin during the BTS 3rd Muster, and in the studio version, the song is in collaboration with Yankie.

My favorite diss line are:

Hey gentleman

Wait a minute

You pray for my failure

Sorry I have no problem shit

Mo money mo problem shit

I know, feel like ha Tony Montana


7. So Far Away

So Far Away is a song featuring Suran. The song speaks about fears that many people have. It has a remix version by Suga, Jin, and Jungkook, which was released on June 14, 2017 as part of the 2017 BTS Festa. The original song is available both on Spotify and SoundCloud, but the remix version is only available on SoundCloud.

Below are my favorite lines:

Just pass me the drink

Because I want to get drunk today

So please don’t try to stop me

I don’t mind the brand, it might be a luxury

For a person with no job to have a drink

Everyone is running but why am I the only one still here?

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