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The interesting career of Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler


It's about that time again.

Adam Sandler is bringing his friends together to make a truly awful film. The trailer for his newest film, 'Hubie Halloween', dropped the other day and it has me laughing. Not laughing at Sandler, but more so, with Sandler.

Sandler turned in the performance of a lifetime last year with 'Uncut Gems'. He said then that if he isn't nominated for an Oscar, then his next film will be his worst film to date. And now we know... He wasn't joking.

After watching the trailer, I took a step back and thought about Sandler's career. It was mindboggling to think because he creates polar opposite movies when he wants to. Sandler was involved with the horrendous 'Jack and Jill' for god's sake. But yet, he can still play a role such as the one in 'Uncut Gems'.

I thought it would be fun to look back at this strange career of a very... diverse...? Is "diverse" the right word? Anyway, let's look at Sandler's weird career.

The Good


Adam Sandler is not a bad actor.

He has proven this with many of his films. His roles in 'Punch Drunk Love', 'Reign Over Me', 'The Meyerowitz Stories', and 'Big Daddy' are a few examples that Sandler can tap into his more dramatic side.

When Sandler commits to a role, I mean really commits, he gives incredible performances in films. There are films like 'Reign Over Me' that may not be great, but Sandler is still great. When he is given the right material, he can really shine.

Most of his comedic characters have outbursts that make him fun to watch. At one moment he is that goofy Sandler character, but with a turn of a dial, he can become this angry, over the top character.

I think when he uses this in his dramatic films, such as 'Punch Drunk Love' and 'Uncut Gems'; Sandler can bring a lot of depth to his characters. That's what really makes his dramatic roles memorable. He takes what he is good at and turns it up a notch and creates a character around that.

This is something lacking in his latest comedies. They might have that angry side to them, but he does it for a goof. It doesn't add anything to the characters, so they don't feel real.

The Bad


There is some middle ground when it comes to Sandler's career.

There are films such as 'The Waterboy', 'Happy Gilmore', and 'Billy Madison' that are bad films. However, Sandler creates characters that are underdogs in which he can turn them into the hero.

Usually, these characters are childish and do not want to grow up. Though, this is what he does best with his comedy. They all have a reason to do what they do. In 'Billy Madison', his motivation is to go back to school to prove his dad wrong. It is over the top. It is wacky. It is dumb. But Sandler dedicates time into the characters and they seem to stand out by the end of the film.

These films feel as if they are based on a Saturday Night Live sketch and Sandler is bringing the characters to the big screen. They work though. These are some of my favorite comedies of Sandler's... maybe ever.

Then there are films such as 'Click' where I think they are stupid and don't tap into what Sandler is really good at. However, I think it does just enough to make a decent film. It isn't great, but it has a good point and it delivers some laughs.

There are also the comedies that I don't think are bad such as 'The Wedding Singer' and 'You Don't Mess with the Zohan', but they are not his best work either.

The Ugly


Now, we have the worst of Sandler.

The films that are amazingly lazy. It feels as if Sandler just wants to make a film with his friends on a paid vacation. The characters are stupid, the script is boring, and there are few to none laughs.

They all feel like the same movie with the same actors but a (sort of) different story. There is nothing interesting about these films, and Sandler just sleepwalks through them.

Films such as 'The Ridiculous Six', 'Blended', and 'Grown Ups'. The lazy garbage where Sandler doesn't even try. At least in his bad films, he creates a memorable character and does care about them.

These are the films where I sit back and wonder, "Why do you do this to yourself?"

It makes no sense. And I would love to personally ask Sandler what is going through his mind when he makes films such as these.


When Sandler wants to, he can turn in some amazing performances.

I like even Sandler's worst movies. They may not be funny, but there is something about them that interests me. I think it might be Sandler. How he can give an Oscar-worthy performance and turn around and make the complete opposite.

Sandler is one of the most interesting actors working today. I can't help but love the guy. Especially when he steps out of his comfort zone!

What do you think? Is Adam Sandler a bad actor? Is he good? Or is he somewhere in the middle?

Maybe he knows something that we don't.

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