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Actress Priya Anand Pictures

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actress priya anand

actress priya anand

Priya Anand is a telugu film actress who started her career in modeling. Some of upcoming actress Priya Anand's films include Vaamanan, Leader and Rama Rama Krishna Krishna. Priya Anand can be found on Twitter on id: Priyawajanand.

The Mumbai girl Priya Anand dubbed for Leader and she promises to do a better job in Rama Rama Krishna Krishna. Hope Priya Anand lives up to the expectations. Enjoy these Actress Priya Anand Pictures wearing a yellow dress shared here for your viewing pleasure.

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Priya Anand interview

 Telugu actor Ram, Priya Anand, and Bindu Madhavi are playing the lead in the Telugu movie  ‘Rama Rama Krishna Krishna’ directed by Srivas which had completed shooting and post-production and will be released soon. There is a massive response to the trailers of this upcoming movie. Actress Priya Anand Pictures are from various movies and she is indeed sexy and glamorous but yet to be seen are her acting and dancing skills.

 The hero’s name in the film is Ramakrishna. He has the qualities of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and so the character had two different shades.  Comedian Brahmanandam’s role would guarantee a lot of fun moments. Priya Anand has a good role in the movie to showcase her talent in a big movie like this.

A glamorous song choreographed on the hero and heroines under the choreography of Prem Rakshit will be a highlight of the movie. The film has action, entertainment and sentiment all in one.

Hot actress Priya Anand had signed two more films even before the release of her first film titled Leader.  Actress Priya Anand shot to fame with Leader  because it was a huge project and the response was overwhelming.

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Ram romances Priya Anand

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Trailer

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