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Actress Nila Marriage

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Nila's wedding

 Actress Nila announced that she will get married within 6 months i.e. in the first half of 2010. Meera Chopra was renamed as Nila by Director S J Surya for her first Tamil movie "A Ah" alias "Anbe Aaruyire", Actress Nila is a moderately successful actress in south Indian film industry. With her decent looks and minimal acting skills, actress Nila was never able to grow in her acting career. Nila has decided to get married and quit acting once and forever while announcing Actress Nila's Wedding plans.

Actress Nila

sexy nila

sexy nila

 When actress Nila first started acting, Nila said that she had a boyfriend and the relationship was stable. However, in a year, Nila fell in love with another Tamil actor, Arya, which did not work out in the end. Now she has decided to get married with someone else as her latest movie "Jaganmohini" co-starring the tremendously popular hot actress Namitha is released and is doing well at the box office. Sexy Tamil actress Nila has agreed to act in 2 new Hindi films where in one film, she is peforming as an NRI, who returns to India from America. In the second Hindi film, she has a mature role with a lot of scope for acting. With regard to her marriage, she is waiting for the right person. But in any case she will get married within six months.

Previously actress Nila was romantically linked with actor Arya which did not work out anyway. Actor Arya was also linked with another actress, Pooja, after they acted together in 4 Tamil movies including Naan Kadavul. Later Arya was also rumored to get married with the daughter of a business tycoon in Bangalore. Arya said he has no plans to marry at this point. Actress nila's first film was Anbe Aaruyire produced and directed by S.J. Suryah, in which he played the lead role. Now, Nila has decided to retire from films. In her short career, the pretty actress reportedly said that her forthcoming Jaganmohini will be her last movie.

Actress Nila is a shrewd business woman and pursues many business activities. Currently, Nila is focused on opening a hotel in Delhi in addition to the one she owns in New York. Nila runs a hotel business in New York and plans to launch her chain of hotels in India, the first of which will soon be inaugurated in New Delhi.

Actress Nila has decided to get settled in family life after completing couple of Bollywood projects which are ready to take off shortly. Actress Nila's wedding plans may include her boyfriend in the United States. But now, Nila announced that her marriage will take place within 6 months.

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Muralidaran on December 29, 2015:

Such a beautiful and vivacious woman.

nila on November 04, 2011:

i hate your acting

ashwitha on November 08, 2009:

its hot, i want be like her;;;*

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