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Actors Who Are in Many Hallmark Movies

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Your eyes are not deceiving you when you keep seeing the same handsome men on the Hallmark Channel. The network uses its leading actors and actresses over and over again in its movies.

It is not by accident that you see some of the same actors in Hallmark movies. The network often uses the same actors in several movies instead of seeking new ones.

Look through the list below to see something about the popular men on the Hallmark Channel as well as discovering the number of movies they have appeared in to date.


Steve Bacic has racked up an impressive number of 32 Hallmark movies over the years. The 56-year-old actor started his acting career in 1991 even though modeling was his first choice.

Niell Matter has been in a total of 24 Hallmark movies. The 41-year-old performer has been acting since 2007. He joined the Hallmark family in 2016.


You cannot go long before seeing Andrew Walker in a Hallmark movie whether it is during regular viewing or holiday movies.

The 42-year-old actor started his career in 1994. So far, Andrew has performed in 21 Hallmark movies since 2012. Several of Andrew's movies are aired each year. Back in 2017, he starred in four new movies on Hallmark Movie Channel.

Brennan Elliott is following closely behind Walker. His acting career started in 1996. Since 2013, the 46-year-old Canadian actor has appeared in 18 Hallmark movies.


Wes Brown, 39, started his acting career in 2005. So far, he has had a starring role in 16 Hallmark movies.

Stephen Huszar started his acting career in 2004. The 38-year-old actor has had a starring role in 15 Hallmark movies.

Cameron Mathison, like Huszar, has been in 15 Hallmark movies. The 52-year-old fan favorite began acting in 1997, but he did not join the Hallmark family until 2014. Not only does he act in Hallmark movies, but since 2018, he has also been a co-host of Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel.


Daniel Lissing, 40, has been in 12 Hallmark movies like the other three actors pictured above.

Luke Macfarlane joined the Hallmark family in 2014. He has appeared in 12 Hallmark movies so far. Nine of the 41-year-old actor's movies are centered around Christmas. Only three of his Hallmark movies have not been about Christmas.

Ryan Paevey has been acting since 2011, but his first Hallmark movie was in 2016. Since then, the 37-year-old actor and model has appeared in a total of 12 Hallmark movies.

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Victor Webster is a 48-year-old Canadian actor. He has been acting since 1998, but his first Hallmark movie was not until Puppy Love in 2012.


Trevor Donovan, 43, has been acting since 2004. The first of his 11 Hallmark movies was in 2012.

Brendan Penny, 43, has been acting since 2003. The first of his 11 Hallmark movies was in 2014.


Paul Greene has been an actor since 2006. The 47-year-old fan favorite has been in nine Hallmark movies since 2015.

Sam Page, has been acting since 1999. The 45-year-old actor has been in nine Hallmark movies since 2011.

Tyler Hynes, 35, started acting in 1994. Since 2018, he has had eight Hallmark movies.

Jesse Metcalfe started acting for Hallmark in 2010. The 42-year-old actor began his career in 1999.

Rick Fox, 52, played professional basketball before he began acting in 1994. His first movie on the Hallmark channel was in 2018. He is usually seen in the Holly Robertson Peete's Morning Show Mysteries.

David Haydn-Jones is 43 years old. He has been in a total of six Hallmark movies since 2014.


Paul Campbell is the only actor on the list with ten Hallmark articles to his credit. The 42-year-old actor is well known for his performance in that number of Hallmark movies since 2013 even though he began his acting career in 2004.

Bobby Campo, 38, has been acting since 2005. He has had a starring role in five Hallmark movies since 2011.

Carlos PenaVega is included with this group to indicate a couple of interesting things about the 32-year-old actor. Even though he has been in only three Hallmark movies, he was in two of them with his wife, Alexa PenaVega who had been in ten movies.

The married couple is usually at odds with each other in their roles, but the chemistry of the husband and wife still shines through their arguments.

There is an interesting story about their last name. After they got married on January 4, 2014, both of them changed their last names to be the same. Alexa’s maiden name was Vega and Carlos’ last name was Pena. They merged their last names to indicate their unity.

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