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AO Tone ~ Stronger


AO Tone is the young rap artist from New Jersey whose near death experience from a freak accident that not only changed his life as a music artist, but has inspired him to encourage others to live every day to their fullest ability.


Q&A with AO Tone

RW) Thanks for taking the time out from your busy schedule to allow our readers to learn more about you AO. So, I am meeting you out here in Los Angeles where you are shooting a music video and doing some music industry networking. Where is home base for you now and is that where you grew up?

AO) My home-base is Englewood, NJ. This is where I have grown up.
Englewood is home. I even have great relationships with the towns
next to me, like Teaneck and Hackensack. Bergen County is my
home. I’ve created bonds with people that inspire me to do what I

RW) What is rap style and who would you say was the biggest influence on you musically coming up?

AO) Rap style is a form of expression in the ways of sound. My biggest influences coming up have been J.Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. I admire their talents and abilities in story tell. I love artists who are able to articulate how they're feeling, what they're going through all while capturing my attention.

RW) Who are some of your favorite artists on the scene today in the music game?

AO) My favorite artists are my biggest influences, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. They’ve influenced me to see music as art, an expression. I admire how they compete lyrically and how they tell their stories. I want to grow like them and influence others with my music.

RW) Who would you say your style of music is closest too?

AO) I would say my style is closest to J.Cole and A boogie. I have an R&B-ish style with rap swag. I like to story tell, turn up and flex my music skills.

RW) What song is the music video you shot out here in L.A., and when does the single and video drop?

AO) I came out to LA to shoot “She playing Games” & “Human Love.” Both singles are available on all streaming platforms but I have not dropped the videos so you have to stay tuned in.

RW) I understand that your life, and the meaning of life, took a dramatic turn for you at the end of 2019 due to a freak accident. What happened, and how do you feel what you experienced has changed your perspective about life and what you do?

AO) An altercation resulted in me spending a couple of weeks in a coma. When I woke up, my life was changed. I had to relearn basic activities like walking, talking, and even eating. It’s been difficult, it’s still hard but it’s helped me put life in perspective. I’ve learned to be grateful for the things I do have, instead of worrying about what I don’t have. It has helped me with music. I had to relearn how to rap and sing. Doing that helped me unlearn the biases I had, even when it came to which emotions I was feeling.

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RW) Has what happened to you changed how you do music, and what do you want your fans to get from your music?

AO) I want my fans to be inspired. Motivated to share their story and be who they are. I want them to listen to my music and feel empowered. We’re all human, my fans are human. I want fans to listen to my music and remember that they are not alone. We all experience things that shape us to who we are and who we need to be. I want my music to inspire them that pain does not go to waste.

RW) Besides your music career, what are some of your other goals artistically, and what’s your 5 year plan; where would you like to be artistically in 5 years?

AO) My 5 year plan is to become an international artist: Achieved by growing as an artist, sharing my story, inspiring people all over the world, inviting people to listen to my journey. As an artist and in my personal life, I want to keep glowing and growing.

RW) Where can we find you on social media AO?

AO) Social Media: @AO_TONE on all platforms (Apple Music, IG & FB, Twitch, Playstation)

Thanks so much for this interview. We look forward to all of the great music to come, and to your other artistic and social endeavors.


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