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A Sudden Interest Towards Lost Media

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Childhood memories never really go away. At a certain time, at a certain moment of life, you could suddenly recall events happening in your childhood. Not only events too, but also imageries you watch and sounds you hear.

But I won’t discuss it any further. I would like to talk about my interest in lost media all of sudden.

So, what is lost media? It can be described as a piece of media, or even the whole, that is currently hidden from public presence. You might encounter movies, videos, or even commercials play during the break once or twice. But after that, it has gone forever.

Why am I interested in lost media? Firstly, to satisfy curiosity. Despite the physical presence is lost, the chance is you still can vividly remember the imageries and the audio in detail. You want to look at it in detail. You wish to see it right in front of your eyes.

Second, to confirm its existence. You want to confirm whether what you saw really exists or it’s just all in your head.

Unfortunately, the chance is you might find one piece of media gone forever from the public sight. The critically acclaimed 1923 movie Hollywood, for example, is one of the lost movies. Despite this, it is still historically remembered for featuring dozens of cameos of Hollywood stars including English silent film actor Charlie Chaplin.

A Japanese commercial nicknamed "Hitogata" is an example of lost media. Thousands of people are still searching about said commercial

A Japanese commercial nicknamed "Hitogata" is an example of lost media. Thousands of people are still searching about said commercial

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The existence of some is also unconfirmed. The recently famous “hitogata”(white men) commercial is an example. The existence of the Japanese commercial, which features the sound of crossing sign and fading two white human figures, is yet to be found until this date. Many netizens in Japan, however, believed that they saw the commercial on TV back in their childhood. Until today, the search for the “hitogata” commercial is still underway.

Luckily, you’re not alone when searching for a lost media. You can find one group on the internet dedicated to such a thing. There is also a website namely Lost Media Wiki, a community effort to discover “lost or hard-to-find media”

If you’re interested and decided to find a piece of media, good luck to you. So, how can you obtain it? The easiest way is lurking around the internet because it stores everything. Digging the internet deeper and there is a chance you will find one.
Alternatively, you can buy old magazines and VHS Tapes in stores. Who knows, you accidentally found one lost media hidden within the tapes.

There is satisfaction when you find and finally witness a lost piece of your childhood memory. The search for a lost piece of media is also easier due to the availability of internet and technology. Fulfilling curiosity about what you vividly remember and watch is what makes lost media interesting.

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