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A Photo Gallery of the Musical Group Called C-ute Japanese Pop Music Group

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Chisato Okai

Chisato Okai one of the cutest members of the group was born in 1994. It looks like she is about to take a photo.

Chisato Okai one of the cutest members of the group was born in 1994. It looks like she is about to take a photo.

The Focus of This Article About C-ute

Japanese idol group "C-ute" is now no longer together as the group’s career has come to an end. As part of this historic event it is necessary to pay tribute to these girls. The studio album Cmaj9 is what got me into this group. The group has the very beautiful Chisato Okai who is my favorite member.

In honor of this disbandment, the focus will change just slightly and we will focus also on providing a review and analysis of the album which is basically called C Major 9th.

So not only will readers get a chance to see a photo gallery of a Japanese girl group that has taken a back seat to other girl groups but they will also be able to read a review of one of their studio albums which has a bit of an international feel to it in addition to having electronic pop elements in it as well.

Information about the group's 9th and last studio album Cmaj9

Japanese girl group C-ute has now released their newest and last album called Cmaj9 at the end of 2015. It was scheduled for release on December 23, 2015. This is the group’s 9th studio album and it features participation by various guests. These guests are:

  • Takui Nakajima
  • Yoshiko Miura
  • Kaoru Kondo
  • Yoshinori Nakamura
  • Sho Hoshibe
  • Jean Luc Ponpon
  • Ameko Kodama
  • Yasushi Watanabe

The album has 19 songs and this list includes those produced by Tsunku (producer for Morning Musume 21). The album was released in three different editions. These are the regular edition, Limited Edition A with a DVD, and Limited Edition B with Blu-Ray. However, I will only be listing the track listing for the regular edition.

More About the Album Cmaj9

Cmaj9 Regular Edition Track Listing

  1. Cmaj9
  2. Iron Heart
  3. Otoko to Onna to Forever
  4. Jonetsu Ecstasy
  5. Digitalic 0 LOVE
  6. Urayanjau
  7. Yokaze no Message
  8. Tokai no Hitorigurashi
  9. Aitte Motto Zanshin
  10. Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita (produced by Tsunku)
  11. Love Take It All
  12. The Power
  13. Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version produced by Tsunku)
  14. I Miss You
  16. The Middle Management
  17. Tsugi no Kado wo Magare
  18. Gamusha LIFE
  19. Cmaj9(reprise)
  20. Arigato Mugen no Yell(tofubeats remix)Note: this song is a regular edition bonus track.

A few photos of Mai Hagiwara the youngest member of the group

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Cmaj9 Songs Structure

The album may be easier to analyze due to the fact that there are more English lyrical parts than other J POP albums of its kind. The album begins with a series of choir style voices with the Cmaj9 (Intro). The girls introduce themselves as the group C-ute in this 42 second song if we can even call it that. “Yokaze no Message” is a more new age sounding song similar to the musician Yanni which definitely isn’t a bad thing. The album also has a reprise version of the first song at the end of the album which some artists have the tendency to include in their albums. With very few exceptions, Cmaj9 is an album filled with high energy pop music and there is even a contribution by former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman on the song called “Jounetsu Ecstasy.” There is in the beginning a vocal chant by the girls where they say “hey wake up its ShowTime.” The song also has kind of a rock feel to it if you can notice it. It is almost like a pop and metal hybrid song in some respects. The song’s message is that everybody should have their hands up and get ready to have a great time.

The song called I Miss You performed LIVE in 2014

Saki Nakajima


"The Future"

Favorite Member of the Group C-ute

Photos of Mai Hagiwara, Saki Nakajima, and Maimi Yajima

Mai Hagiwara (left) is dressed in Christmas colors here.

Mai Hagiwara (left) is dressed in Christmas colors here.

From left to right: Maimi Yajima, Mai Hagiwara, and Chisato Okai.

From left to right: Maimi Yajima, Mai Hagiwara, and Chisato Okai.

Chisato Okai seen here at Tower Records.

Chisato Okai seen here at Tower Records.

In spite of their disbandment C-ute delivers a powerful message

As of June 12, 2017, the group has held their last concert in Saitama and they have now disbanded. The group had a concert in Mexico City on April 13, 2017 and they had a concert on April 16th2017 in Paris, France. Since the group has now disbanded, let us bring focus to another one of their songs called The Future. This is a song about breaking free from the life that is keeping you trapped because of your lack of forgiveness. Even though you may be living a life now that is not to your liking, the problems that you may have now will be nothing to think about in the future. The song’s message of being honest and being true to ourselves is the best things that we can do.

Through the first full listen of C-ute’s final studio release, I was impressed with how the songs just seem to click into place as the energy will flow through your body and make you realize the talent of these girls even though they did not do this alone.

"Cmaj9 (Intro)"

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on July 12, 2017:

Louise Powles: thank you for your thoughts on this article. The members of this group disbanded because they wanted to focus on other work within the entertainment industry. And it is quite difficult for many to make a living off of their music alone. That's why the music business is so glamorous.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on July 12, 2017:

It's a shame that so many bands and singers seem to be giving it all up these days. I guess it's difficult these days to make a living from singing. Shame, as these look like they were good.

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