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A not so smooth revenge: I Saw the Devil

Ever since I have started watching Korean movies there is no going back. They really produce the finest suspense thriller movie.


A perfect revenge or a perfect crime

From the outside, it might seem like any other action thriller but when one watches the movie they will realize the pain, anger and, dread inside the protagonist. I am talking about the 2010 released film 'I Saw the Devil', which is in my opinion, the best revenge movie till now. From the very beginning till the end as an audience, I was in awe and wonder.
This movie shows when you lose someone so dear in such a horrific manner what you want to do with the killer. Director Kim Jee-woon did a pretty good job in maintaining the suspense and excitement throughout the movie. He didn't shy away from showing the filthy, dark side of serial killing. Actor Lee Byung-hun skillfully portrayed the agony of his fiancé's murder. Though he is shown as the revenge hero to me it seemed like this character was somewhat flawed with the anticipation of watching the killer suffer. He could have avoided the worst circumstances for his in-laws if he controlled his thirst for playing with the villain a bit. But obviously, he couldn't. Because being a lover the failure to protect the love of his life from such horrendous murder haunted him. Choi Min-sik is another example of a convincing antagonist. So much so that instead of suffering the viewers anticipates his awful death more. I would say this is his second-best performance after 'Old Boy'. Viewers feel raged and excited to see his character in a pitiful condition, given that how a terrible women slaughter he is. Actor Choi Moo-sung also played an amazing cameo as the antagonist's friend. His character somewhat shows the same mental unsteadiness as his friend.
Rotten Tomatoes reviewed this movie as 81% likable, in IMBD it is rated 7.8/10. I would rate it 8.5/10 because of its dark, horrific portrayal of psycho killings and its effect on somebody to whom the person killed was dearer than his own life. This movie doesn't shy away from showing the reality of a murderer, his mental turmoil, his isolation from normal society. Every thriller -movie lover should watch this movie and this should be always on their top ten movie list.

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