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Movie Review of Those Who Wish Me Dead(2021) Starring Angelina Jolie

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The movie's characters


We meet the main character Hannah who feels guilty after losing lives in a fire whole on duty as a firefighter. She feels guilty because she thinks the deaths were her fault. Currently, Hannah is an overlooker at a tower in the forest. She is able to heal from her past trauma but she ends up having to face her fears. Even with her trauma, Hannah is a strong character and stands up to both the killers and the fire. She is a round character that has a lot of depth.


We meet Connor whose is being taken care of by only his father. He is thrown in to a mess where two men are trying to kill him and his father. He sees his father's death and then runs into Hannah. Connor is in distress after what he witnesses but finds comfort in Hannah. He has the strength to keep going even when he witnesses his father's death. He is brave for standing up to the killers.

The killers

The two men are bloodthirsty and have no morals. They kill anyone in their path. They are hitmen and kill for those who pay them to get the information. They are coyotes in sheep's clothing as they are presented as trustworthy but use this to kill those they want too.

The fire

Fire plays a huge role in this film because it is the ultimate fear Hannah has to conquer. Fire is all consuming and kills everything in it's path. It kills the forest and the people and does not care what it burns. The fire is both beautiful and deadly and it is a force out of our control.

Family friendly or too violent?

This movie is rated R and is too violent for most audiences. There is a lot of gore and scary thematic elements to this movie. There is a lot of death and killing scenes that can be trigger for some people. It is not a family friendly film. Children who are mature and 13 and older may be able to watch this movie. Kids would be advised to not watch this movie for the mature content.

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Those Who Wish Me Dead(2021) is a mediocre film and Angelina does an okay job at portraying Hannah. Those who like action packed films and violence may enjoy this film. It may be too violent for some audiences especially children. Some good points the movie made is to face your fears especially after a traumatic event.

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