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A World Forsaking Artists

Lazola Pambo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of South Africa.

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A World Forsaking Artists

I know of many global pandemics, and I do not mean to be disrespectful to many of those social ills, but there is one that springs like a chicken in my mind.

The dreadful void of existing in this world without artists. It may have also sounded right, if I had said, existing without art, but then again: artists are the ones who create art with the exception of God being the Divine Artist.

The changing times that we are living in is full of complacent dilemmas. I am not here to tell the world what to do, nor am I writing this narrative to dictate upon your conscience. My intention rather is a plea to be understood.

At some point, I had raised a serious question: “Is Art a Threat to You?”

It was not based on the basis of trying to be intellectual or sarcastic, but it resides on the premise of the eagerness that the world is in dire need of artists.

You could look at artists in a vast form of fields. Whether it be comedians, sculptors, jesters, choreographers, poets, make-up artists, writers and musicians in a nutshell. It does not mean when we define the meaning of art, we succumb to a singular form which is that of being an artist or a painter.

All the above mentioned artistic traits are fundamental in their own right.

So for me to break it down to you in this manner is by showcasing that artists are important just like President’s or leaders in society.

We cannot just define artists as bored children, playing with their toys. No!

For us to think in that manner is a high disrespect to the Creator, who blessed the same artists that you and I witness in society, showcasing their God given gifts: because not everyone can be a comedian or a sculptor.

It’s high time that we do away with this mentality of depicting artists as a joke or a muse to our amusement. In many ways, yes, artists are the muse of society because whenever human society, is feeling weary or seeks to escape from things that bother them mentally, what other best form of enlightenment besides the Bible, do they normally jump into? Art, for crying out loud!

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It amazes me how even some politicians, who are often caught like a mouse stealing cheese from the basement: will attend big rally’s, where musicians are performing and you will often see them dancing with funny body movements to the serenading tunes of the artist that is performing on stage.

So what does that tell you? Where there is pain, pain can often be overcome by virtue of having the artist providing comfort to the masses.

My heart is often saddened by the disrespect that many artist have to endure.

I am not saying that most people do not support artists. In fact, those who do support artists, are much appreciated, and are knowledgeable about what is to be human: living with fellow broad minded humans.

The form of disrespect rather that I am talking about here is when a country’s government does not act in full force to appreciate artists. You cannot tell me that it is enough to just shower artists with awards and expensive hotel stay-in’s and that’s about it, how you acknowledge their meaning in society.

In fact, if only many knew that by virtue of performing such an act to gain the trust of the artist, is actually a state of murdering the artist in broad daylight. Not many artist have an infatuation with the lure of money and expensive habits. If you dare to see such artists like that: it is either they are seeking attention or have an egotistical appetite within themselves.

So if you think that you can bribe an artist with the state of luxury, it often sends them to a dark place of never ending drugs and unfortunate suicide.

Let me school you a little bit more. What is the joy of an artist? The joy that many artists seek in their lives, and which brings them a sense of peace, is actually seeing that they made people ‘happy,’ and somehow like a wizard, took them out of their misery, even if it was for a few seconds, minutes or hours.

Now that my fellow brothers and sisters, is the best medicine, the best cure, the best diamonds, the best gold, and the best tranquility that anyone could give them. At the same time, do not get me wrong for one second.

I am definitely not advocating that artists must die as paupers or go hungry while they are still alive. Come on now, at the end of the day: these are human beings just like you and me. All that I was explaining, is that society must acknowledge artists and quit thinking that artists are insane in the brain.

I for one, I am definitely not going to the asylum; with all due respect to those who are under a state of recovery there. Without artists, the world is definitely in bad shape. It’s like having a gym center, but not having any active people in the gym. The artist, is the active activist.

Such a truth must not be denied or frowned upon. We are now living in an age where artists are almost becoming a dying breed. The next generation are more in tune with the latest gadgets, instead of rushing to a comedy club, an art exhibition or book launch to awaken their state of being.

At the same time, not every young mind is clueless. I have seen many young minds arrive in numbers with excitement to the venues mentioned above. For me, that is a good enough start to carry on tradition.

© 2022 Lazola Pambo

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