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A Tribute to Yurina Hirate of Girl Group Keyakizaka46

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Why Are We Writing About Yurina Hirate?

There are certain celebrities that deserve to be covered because of having accomplished something very significant at such a young age. One such celebrity is Yurina Hirate of the girl group called Keyakizaka46. Hirate who was only 17 when I started to write about her would be named as “center” for a single for the 8th consecutive time! Not even AKB48 darling Atsuko Maeda accomplished such a feat!

A First Look at Keyakizaka46 Member & Center Yurina Hirate in February & April 2016

This photo was taken in April 2016 for the single Silent Majority.

This photo was taken in April 2016 for the single Silent Majority.

Hirate Has Been Named as Center for All 7 Singles

However, this latest feat is not the first such success for Hirate. Hirate has been chosen as center for every one of her group’s singles including the debut single of Keyakizaka46 called Silent Majority which was released in April 2016 when Hirate was just 14!

Some Information About Hirate's Other Work

Since April 2017, Hirate is also a regular member of a radio show specifically for teenagers called School of Lock! This show is broadcast on Tokyo FM. Hirate has also done work as a film actress as well. It was in June 2016 that she made her acting debut in a TV drama called “Who Killed Daigoro Tokuyama?” In January 2017, Hirate along with her band mate Rika Watanabe served as models for the fashion magazine called Larme.

For the Single Futari Saison

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"Silent Majority"

For the Singles Ambivalent & Kuroi Hitsuji


Interesting Facts About Yurina Hirate

  • Her audition song was Hoshizora no Distance.
  • Her favorite member of the other related group Nogizaka46 is Mai Shiraishi.
  • Since she has been named as center for 7 straight singles, there are only two other Japanese idol singers to have done such a thing. They are Sayaka Yamamoto and Jurina Matsui.
  • Yurina has been playing basketball since her youngest days.
  • She is very skilled as a dancer and she claims that she can do cartwheels.

"Black Sheep"

Yurina Hirate Returns to the Public Spotlight

As of March 4, 2020, Hirate has started her own website. She will also be doing acting work in the coming months. It is being reported that she will be starring in a mystery horror film called Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru. The film is scheduled to start showing in theaters starting on October 30, 2019. Hirate withdrew suddenly from the group Keyakizaka46 in January 2020 and this left fans wondering what she will do next. That question has already been answered as Hirate will expand her acting work. Welcome back Yurina Hirate!

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