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A Tribute to Japanese Actress and Former Akb48 Member Rina Kawaei

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It was time for a Rina Kawaei tribute on this day May 21, 2019. The day itself is not significant but one of the reasons for this tribute is because Kawaei was the next former Japanese idol singer to get married! This was as of the first writing of this article draft. Rina Kawaei was one of the hottest Japanese idols at the time I began covering her career sometime in 2012. She made her debut with AKB48 in July 2010. Besides her marriage announcement at the young age of 24, Kawaei has gone through adversity. Author’s note: we will not be discussing the main adverse event that Kawaei endured but rather we will focus on how she has grown as a celebrity. Her career with AKB48 ended rather sadly but at least she would end up being a very proud wife and mother by the end of 2019.


Rina Kawaei is Also an Actress and Published Author

Even before she left AKB48, Kawaei was also acting. In 2014, she starred in a drama called Gomen ne Seishun. In that drama, Kawaei played the role of one of the girls at an all-girls Catholic school. Kawaei graduated from AKB48 in August 2015 after only 5 years in AKB48 but I will always regard her as one of my favorite AKB48 girls of all time. In January 2016, Kawaei released her essay book called Korekara. In the book she talked about the dating ban that was set in place by AKB48’s management. It was also reported that in March 2018, she starred in the short movie promotional video for Ayaka’s graduation song called "Sakura" or cherry blossom in English. This is not any kind of ordinary video however. It is a video that tells the story of a young girl named Natsuki (played by Kawaei) that loses her only friend Niki before she graduates from high school. She is unable to deal with her friend’s sudden death but she makes sure that she will have the resolve to move forward. Kawaei herself said that graduation is a big step but it is also the path to establishing a new self. She hoped that people that watch this will be able to have a more positive mindset moving forward. Who is Rina Kawaei?

Rina Kawaei Trivia

  • Her date of birth is February 12, 1995.
  • She is from Kanagawa.
  • Her audition song to get into AKB48 was Oogoe Diamond.
  • Her favorite animal is the dog.
  • She has two dogs.
  • Kawaei says that the member of AKB48 that she admires the most is Atsuko Maeda.
  • Pink is her favorite color.
  • Her favorite country is France.
  • Her favorite movie is Koizora.
  • Kawaei was considered the “ace of the 11th generation.”
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Rina Kawaei's Marriage and Child Rearing News

As for the marriage news, Rina Kawaei and actor Tomoki Nagase have registered their marriage. In addition to this, Kawaei is now pregnant and she is scheduled to give birth at the end of 2019. It was also revealed that Kawaei will continue her acting work while monitoring her health in the meantime. Nagase and Kawaei were co-stars in the stage play called “Karephone” and this play was shown in Shanghai, China. At the time they started dating and began to think about marriage. Congratulations to the very cute Kawaei as she was about to begin a new phase in her life.

Note: as of November 9, 2019, Kawaei has announced that she has given birth to a baby! Kawaei herself released a public statement saying: "At this time, I have given birth to my first child. Thankfully, both myself and the baby are healthy. Every day that we spend together has been full of happiness." She continued, "I will continue to do my best so please watch over us warmly,” (Kawaei, 2019).

Rina Kawaei is a Celebrity That People Should Look Up to as a Role Model

The 2014 AKB48 Senbatsu Election or general election would unfortunately be the last election that Kawaei would take part in because of the incident at Iwate Cultural Center which could have tragically ended her life. But she survived that horrid attack to establish what looks like will be a very successful acting career! I am also proud that Rina Kawaei was born on the same day February 12th as Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the United States. Politics aside, Rina Kawaei has shown toughness, resiliency, and determination as she has sung in Japan’s most popular girl group, been one of its most popular members, and she now has an acting career. But it has not ended there for Kawaei. It was on November 4, 2020 that she was given the role of a campaign navigator in order to raise awareness and promote consultation services for domestic violence and child abuse. She would end up appearing on that campaign’s TV and online commercials. Kawaei commented on the issue by basically mentioning that often times, the image of domestic violence is seen as mostly a physical abuse issue but she said that she learned that domestic violence can also include verbal abuse. She encouraged people not to struggle by themselves.


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