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A Tribute to Bob Hope.

Take a long look at all of the faces and remember them and their sacrifices for you and yours.


Two years before Woodstock in 1969

almost a half a million strong gathered

to find peace. There had been other

gatherings to the cause of peace that

went back as far as May 6th 1941.

Untold thousands and perhaps numbers

that reached into the millions brought

men and women gathered together at

the holidays. All seeking peace in their

endless quests. In the following video set

in 1967 you will see thousands more gathered,

not with a Woodstock at Gastor’s farm,

but with plastic stocks made by the toy

company Mattel. You will see the many

faces of war, Young men who were dreamers

and were called to preserve all of our dreams.

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Captured in moments of time, many just a

blur now like most of the photos shown,

that share the brief hour or two away from

the horrors of war that awaited them on

their return to their posts. I wanted to write

a song of tribute to Bob Hope who brought

a wee bit of home to all of our veterans for

61 years, and that was easy for me to do

because he was one of the most

compassionate men that ever walked this earth.

I found a film from 1967 that encompassed

quite a few stops in Southeast Asia by Bob

on his entertainment tours. They were on file

with the Department of Defense as well

as in the National Archives. They were

categorized as Public domain with unrestricted


So I chose to take still shots of the many faces

of our precious soldiers during that point in time

and let them represent all of the soldiers who

fought, were wounded and died for us, ever

since the first war ever fought by the U.S.

There are faces of nurses as well, God’s

blessed angels who cared for all of those

who fell in battle. Study these faces, they

are familiar and worthy of remembering.

They are the sons, fathers, uncles, brothers

and husbands of that time, but they are timeless.

They look just like our own relatives today.

Many of whom are still serving In Iraq and

Afghanistan and other distant points of duty.

They are the guardians of America,

and worth treasuring.

There were far too many faces in this crowd of soldiers who never got to see another Bob Hope Christmas Special and even more men not present and accounted for who never got to see him at all. As it was in all wars where Bob Hope entertained, many men who might have been part of his audiences became M.I.A.'s and P.O.W.'s instead. I am sure many of the faces of war that you've seen in this movie joined that list. 1,618 at last count in Vietnam and 88,000 from all of the wars fought by the U.S. It is for these men, that I end this tribute to Bob Hope with a song I penned years ago to the tune we all know as “Taps.” I simply added some words to the bugle solo in its present form that all soldiers have gone to sleep too since way back in July of 1862. It is also played at the burials of all soldiers as they enter their eternal rest. It is a haunting melody that remains lovingly familiar to all veterans. My lyrics are as follows: Rest In Peace Brave young men free from sorrow and pain battlespent from your humble graves so alone we shall come and we’ll carry you Hooo—ooo-ooome! All photos are in public domain and a few are personal photos and property of Bob Hope's Family members

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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