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A Tribute to "Asuka Kuramochi" Beautiful Japanese Idol Singer and Member of the Girl Groups Akb48 and French Kiss

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Asuka Kuramochi Seen Here With the Other Members of French Kiss

A poster of AKB48 sub-unit French Kiss. From left to right: Asuka Kuramochi, Yuki Kashiwagi, and Aki Takajo.

A poster of AKB48 sub-unit French Kiss. From left to right: Asuka Kuramochi, Yuki Kashiwagi, and Aki Takajo.

Asuka Kuramochi fixing her hair?

Asuka Kuramochi fixing her hair?

Who is Asuka Kuramochi and why is she so important?

Asuka Kuramochi is a very beautiful Japanese idol singer and former member of the groups AKB48 and French Kiss. She was in that AKB48 sub-unit along with Yuki Kashiwagi and Aki Takajo. Who is Asuka Kuramochi? This article is a tribute to this former pop music singer. Why are we taking the time to pay tribute to her? This is because she was part of a musical group that has established a following so large that no other musical group of the pop music genre has done this.

Asuka Kuramochi Profile and Interesting Facts

  • Date of birth: September 11, 1989 (Age 33)
  • Place of birth: Kanagawa, Japan
  • She was signed to the talent agency Watanabe Pro when she was in AKB48.
  • Asuka loves to eat chicken wings.
  • She loves to drink tea with milk.
  • Her favorite artists are 19, Gospellers, and Crazy Ken Band.
  • Her favorite magazines are WPW and Young Jump Magazine.
  • Asuka’s favorite season is winter.
  • Her favorite brand is Auntie Rosa and Shibuya’s Marui JAM Stores.
  • Says that her favorite town is Monaco.
  • Her favorite AKB48 single was Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou.
  • Her favorite AKB48 stage song was MARIA.
  • Kuramochi’s hobbies are watching sports and visiting art museums.
  • Her favorite baseball player is Hiroyuki Nakajima of the Saitama Seibu Lions.
  • She is a fan of professional wrestler Kobashi Kenta.
  • She was a member of the Culture Club.
  • Her father Akira Kuramochi was a former baseball player.
  • Asuka is very close to Moeno Nito, Kana Kobayashi, and Amina Sato.
  • After leaving AKB48, Asuka said that she has intentions of being a sports broadcaster.

The career of Asuka Kuramochi (2007-2012)

Asuka Kuramochi joined AKB48 as a member of the training girls in May 2007. In March 2008, she was promoted to Team K. Following a 2009 team shuffle, she would be transferred to AKB48’s Team A. However, she would return to Team K three years later in 2012 after another team shuffle. In February 2014 after a major team shuffle, Asuka would be transferred to Team B where she would remain until her graduation from AKB48.

A few photos of Asuka Kuramochi from her early years in AKB48

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Team B Captain, Graduation and solo work

Asuka was Team B’s captain for the last 1.5 years with AKB48. Asuka Kuramochi would leave or “graduate” from AKB48 on August 17, 2015. She would graduate two weeks before famous idol singer Rena Matsui of SKE48. Her debut single with AKB48 was the one called Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? She has been a member of AKB48 for all four of the band’s albums including the best-selling Tsugi no Ashiato and the latest album called Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe! Asuka also has had brief work as a solo artist. She released her only solo single called Itsumo Soba ni on May 29, 2013.

A look at Asuka Kuramochi in pictures

The elegant Asuka Kuramochi playing the piano

Former AKB48 member Asuka Kuramochi is sitting on a chair next to a piano. The theme of this photo is called My Lesson. Is she ready to play a song? It looks like she is just posing for a picture.

Former AKB48 member Asuka Kuramochi is sitting on a chair next to a piano. The theme of this photo is called My Lesson. Is she ready to play a song? It looks like she is just posing for a picture.

How did Asuka Kuramochi rank in AKB48's General Elections?

Kuramochi took part in all of AKB48’s “Senbatsu” or General Elections except for the one in 2015. In 2009 after the first General Election, Kuramochi finished at #21. Whether this is a coincidence or not, the number on her father’s baseball uniform was 21 also. Kuramochi would be ranked at #23 in 2010, #21 again in 2011, and #22 in the 4th Senbatsu Election. She would start to lose some popularity because combined with votes from the fans, she would finish at #36 in the 2013 Senbatsu Elections. In 2014 after the 6th Senbatsu Election, Kuramochi’s ranking would drop even further as she would finish at #52. That’s not the best way to finish your career with the group that has become a cultural icon in Japan. But I’m sure that Kuramochi will succeed in her second career as a sports broadcaster. Good luck Asuka!

Asuka Kuramochi favorite Japanese idol singer

Asuka Kuramochi the bikini model

What some people may not be aware of is that Asuka has also worked as a bikini and lingerie model. She has appeared in several magazines including Young Champion, UTB, Weekly Young Jump, Weekly Playboy Magazine, Big Comic Spirits, and Young Jump Magazine. She has also released a solo photo book called Mimitabu.

Is Asuka Kuramochi Involved In a Romance?

Here are some interesting details about the personal life of Asuka Kuramochi! As of November 15, 2019, there is a report circulating around that apparently Asuka is dating rugby player Keita Inagaki who is 29. According to the reports by some sports papers, Kuramochi met her boyfriend through a mutual acquaintance a few years back when she picked up a feature article about rugby as a newscaster. The couple began dating this past summer. The agency that Kuramochi is signed to did not confirm or deny these reports so some may wonder is she really dating someone? Time will tell. Even the name of the sports papers are not given so we may wonder if these reports are just rumors or whether they really are real. At least for now, Kuramochi has begun work in her second career.

Asuka Kuramochi showing her fashion sense

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