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A Tribute to Japanese Girl Group Akihabara 48 Known Simply as Akb48

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Why is a Tribute to Girl Group Akihabara 48 Worth It?

A tribute to famous Japanese girl group Akihabara 48 or AKB48 for short is a great thing & necessary given the influence and impact that this group has had on the Japanese entertainment industry. As part of AKB48’s global reach and impact, as of 2020, individual members are also becoming more socially active other than their regular activities that they are pretty much required to do.

AKB48 Will Be Holding a New Kind Of LIVE Event

Spring is coming for us in the Western World and it is being reported via Tokyo Hive that all of the AKB48 groups will be holding a special LIVE event called AKB48 Group Haru no LIVE Fes in Yokohama Stadium. An event like this has not been done before and there will be performances by Akihabara 48 and all of its other groups as there will be many stages set up in the venue. All of these girl groups will perform songs based on a time schedule. It is said that fans can expect songs done by the highest ranking girls of all the groups, solo numbers as well as performances by AKB48 sub-units. In addition to this, fans will have the opportunity to meet some of the members of these groups in the shop area and this continues the tradition of “girls that you can meet” set up as a concept by the famous Yasushi Akimoto.

Minami Takahashi (also known as "Takamina")

Minami Takahashi (known as Takamina) holding a soft drink in her hand and she looks like she is nervous but she is still so cute!

Minami Takahashi (known as Takamina) holding a soft drink in her hand and she looks like she is nervous but she is still so cute!

However, the Group Akihabara 48 Will Not Be Having Its General Election in 2019

In another surprise announcement, on March 13, 2019 the group announced that the annual AKB48 General Senbatsu Election which has been held every year since 2009 will not be held this year. The group announced via their official blog that they will try to do their best every day so that fans can support the group from the bottom of their hearts.

"Teacher, Teacher"

Yuki Kashiwagi


Members of AKB48 Will Start Channels on YouTube

So what is this special thing that AKB48 members will be involved in? As of January 2020 the next project is that individual AKB48 members will be opening up or starting channels on famous video site YouTube. This announcement was made on January 21, 2020 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. In order to celebrate the 15th year of AKB48, these members will be distributing videos in what is described as a new challenge. 10 members of AKB48 would be taking part in this challenge including Yuki Kashiwagi.

Note: as we update this story in 2021 and this tribute continues we will now also attempt to analyze one of the songs in the set list that was performed by AKB48. But before we do, let us elaborate on the significance of this festival that was held two years ago. This LIVE festival featured performances by members from several of the AKB48 related groups including STU48. Another special comment that will be made is that as part of the AKB48 set list of songs performed, there was also Mako Kojima’s graduation ceremony during this time period. Now we will analyze a song that some fans of AKB48 may not be aware of and that song is called First Rabbit. First Rabbit is actually a song off of the 2nd AKB48 studio album called 1830m. First Rabbit is a song that is about being confident and brave enough to go for your biggest dreams even if you will get hurt along the way. In that process of that search for that big goal, the person that becomes successful or that first rabbit. The song also says that we should jump into the mud which is a sort of metaphor for taking that first confident leap into the direction of our dreams. The last very important lyrical message in the song is “don’t waste your life.”

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