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Review: "Of Wars in Osyrhia" by French Symphonic Metal Band Fairyland

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The front album cover for Of Wars in Osyrhia


A brief introduction to the band Fairyland from France

Fairyland is a symphonic metal band from France. Their debut album called Of Wars in Osyrhia is their debut album and it features Spanish born vocalist Elisa Martin who sang for the band Dark Moor from 1994 through 2003. She joined Fairyland after leaving Dark Moor. Fairyland saw their greatness elevated just for having her in the band. If you are wondering whether the vocalist makes this much of a difference in the quality of the songs, the answer is a definite yes. This album was released on July 28, 2003, two months after I was done studying at the university. It is really nice to see Elisa working with other bands. They could really use her skills.

Track Listing for Of Wars in Osyrhia

  1. And So Came the Storm
  2. Ride With the Sun
  3. Doryan the Enlightened
  4. The Storyteller
  5. Fight For Your King
  6. On the Path to Fury
  7. Rebirth
  8. The Fellowship
  9. A Dark Omen
  10. The Army of the White Mountains (instrumental)
  11. Of Wars in Osyrhia

Fairyland's musical style and what makes Elisa Martin such a great singer

Fairyland plays symphonic power metal because they have powerful crunching guitars, thundering drums and a lot of keyboard play similar to bands such as Rhapsody of Fire (formerly Rhapsody). The lyrical themes of the album focus on things such as knights, warriors, dragons and other fantasy characters. Elisa’s true greatness as a vocalist comes first in the ballad called The Storyteller. When she sings, she is so soothing that you are so thankful that she is alive to provide so many people with such great entertainment. Elisa will not amaze you with high operatic style vocals like Fabio Lione or Sabine Edelsbacher. But she is a great vocalist because she has a good low voice that is soothing to the ears and she sings with enough power and passion without straining herself.

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The back of the album cover for Of Wars in Osyrhia


How Does Of Wars in Osyrhia Sound in 2018 and Beyond?

How does this writer feel about this album over 2 years later? Not much has changed in regards to my feelings about Elisa Martin as a vocalist. France is a country that should get credit for having good heavy metal bands as Fairyland is only one such example. France does have other notable bands such as Agressor, Nightmare, and Loudblast but they have not gotten the recognition in this category as their western neighbor (Spain). However, France is still one of the most visited countries in the world. Of Wars in Osyrhia is one of the finest power metal albums of the 21st century!


A review of the album describing the lyrical themes and why the album is so good

The melodic song Fight For Your King is about a devoted warrior who is prepared to fight for his king and defend the land from dark forces and other “servants of hell.” He will fight for his kingdom at all costs even if he is killed. He wants to get revenge against those that have dragged the world into a state of war and want to bring it down. Humans have been known to be unkind to others and we have to do our best to behave at our best. On the Path to Fury is about someone who is riding along in the woods or forest. He is searching for a good reason to live because he has seen lots of destruction in front of him and he feels like his soul has been destroyed from the inside. He is convinced that the key to his survival is getting a hold of the sacred magic stones. Only then can he see the light return to his life. Rebirth is another ballad style song. This one is about how the change of the season can bring a rebirth to a person’s life. For many, the end of winter and the melting of snow and the return of spring brings elevated moods and better days. The Fellowship is another excellent song. It is about someone that has come to another land looking for a key, an answer to what they are seeking. They would like to defend their land. The middle of the song sounds like an excellent operatic kind of song but with no vocals, just lots of chanting. This warrior that has been fighting to save his land demands that the locked gate be opened up. He is truly a brave warrior and he really feels that victory is close and his to get. Overall, Of Wars in Osyrhia is a very good symphonic power metal album that should appeal to those fans that are open minded and want to give this a chance. Final rating at this point for this album would be probably a 90 out of 100 points.

"The Fellowship"

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