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A Review of the Science-Fiction Movie: Bliss (2021)

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Sometimes she "binge-watches" movies and shares her thoughts about them.


Bliss (2021) is a science fiction movie that also qualifies as a romantic movie. If you have ever wondered whether you are in the real world or not, check out Bliss.

If you cannot bear the confusing plot, remember none of the worlds in bliss is real because it is a movie!

The film casting comprises of two main actors; Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek. The supporting actors are Nesta Cooper, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Bill Nye, Steve Zissis, Joshua Leonard, and Ronny Chieng.

The director is Mike Cahill also known for directing Another Earth (2011), a soulful science fiction film.

Brief Overview

Bliss (2021) is made up of the following key features:

Genre: Science Fiction, Paranormal

Setting: Blissful world and ugly world

Audience: 16+

Warnings: drug use, strong language, sexual content

Themes: family ties, romance, betrayal and loyalty, utopia, technology, mental health

The Characters

Greg Wittle: a man who is not sure about two worlds, one of bliss and another of unhappiness, and a successful scientist in one.

Isabel Clemens: a woman who teaches Greg that he has superhuman abilities and introduces him to pills.

Emily Wittle and Arthur Wittle are Greg's estranged children. Kendo is the yellow pills supplier. Bjorn, Cameron, and Chris are science guys.

What is bliss? A state of mind that can only be achieved by understanding the contrast with the opposite state of mind.

Bliss (2021) Plot Summary

Greg Wittle's life is in shambles, working a job he hates, alienated from his family and then he murders his boss accidentally and runs to an opposite cafe appearing shocked and in disarray.

Isabel Clemens offers him a solution to his problems by explaining to him that he is real but the world they are in is just a simulation.

There are two worlds and one of them is a computer simulation.

It is ironic that the simulated world is the one that seems normal, with a lot of problems, and a morose setting. Apparently, the people here are Fake Generated Persons (FGP.)

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The real world is beautiful and blissful. There is no environmental pollution. Every one is good to the other apart from the conflict between the scientists.

You are real

— Isabel in Bliss (2021)

This offers Greg a way out of his misery and he finds awesome moments with Isabel and he looks happier than when he was at his job.

Greg makes these drawings about a beautiful place and a woman, but he cannot fathom why. Isabel provides a satisfying answer to him. He discovers more about his drawings.

She introduces him to unique pills that she says can awake him in the real world where they are in a lab with computers connected to their bodies.

The ugly simulated worlds were created so users can get into them so and appreciate the bliss of the real world.

"You have to experience the good, to appreciate the bad," Isabel says. Yes, you got that right.

If you could see the difference between what's real and what's illusion, you'd know the difference.

— Isabel in Bliss (2021)

Greg has found someone who understands him and enjoys being with him. He is happy to live with this woman in hiding.

However, despite the apparent bliss, Greg has a strong memory of her daughter Emily, who seems real to him but she exists in the world that Isabel says is simulated.

On the other hand, when he takes a pill and wakes up in a lab on a research facility as Dr. Wittle, and he doesn't seem to remember that world. He has no memory of creating the "Thought Visualizer" that Isabel says he did.

He is torn between his love for Isabel and for his family that he loves so much. He is not sure which of the worlds is real.

The real world according to Isabel is a vague thing in his mind since he has no memory about it.

Isabel laments that Greg is getting seduced by the simulation and she was losing him.

Furthermore, they are being hunted. They are running out of pills, and Kendo, the supplier of the pills cannot be found.

Meanwhile, Emily and her brother, Arthur, trying reunite with their father, even infiltrating the system while he is in the other world.


Bliss (2021) was an okay movie for me. I was smitten by the theme song "You and I" by Will Bates.

Also, the childlike romance between Greg and Isabel is soulful and it is sweet how Greg chooses his family.

Owen Wilson knows how to act the part of a depressed, frustrated man, who gets lost in momentary bliss.

I wondered about this scene where Emily and Arthur have a conversation about their father.

However, we do not see such a scenes in Isabel's real world, when the main character is not present.

The worlds are confusing. It is not obvious and the viewer to judge for themselves. I found this to be one of the interesting things about Bliss.

World building is great as there are clear differences between them.

However, I had a challenge accepting the pills being taken in the simulated world waking people in the real world.

How do the pills get into the simulation? Are they fake generated pills like the people there?

In my opinion, the secret of understanding this movie is in the main object, that is the yellows (yellow pills.) And it can also be understood that what is real to one person is fake to another.

The strength of this movie is the graphics when the worlds are being broken down. You can clearly see the difference between the world of bliss and the ugly world by choice of colour and the settings.

Sound effects are also great including people chatting, water splashing, sirens, and things crashing. And slow accompanying instrumental music plays in the movie.

Bliss (2021) gets 3 out of 5 stars from me. I think it lacked in depth, and there were some points when the plot dragged along. This is good for viewers who like thought-provoking movies that leave you guessing and wondering what just happened. You will know thinking is hard!

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