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A Review of the Album "Endless Pain" by German Thrash Metal Band Kreator

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A Photo of the Sign Essen the Birthplace of the Band Kreator


A Debut Album With Two Members Splitting the Vocal Duties

Endless Pain is the album that set in motion the start of German thrash metal band Kreator. Endless Pain released in 1985, the same year as Exodus’ Bonded by Blood is said to have a blackened thrash metal sound to it. It is also said that Endless Pain has sound that was inspired by bands such as Venom, Bathory, and Mercyful Fate. There is a very noticeable Mercyful Fate influence in here as you will see when we dive deep into this album review. In this debut it can be said the Mille and the drummer Jurgen “Ventor” Reil take turns doing the lead vocals. In spite of what the album’s title is, it is not painful to sit through this album but rather it may be one of those albums that takes time to really get into just because it is so radically different from the later Kreator albums. Mille Petrozza’s vocals are more like a black and death metal style which is very different from what he would use later on.


A Review of "Endless Pain"

As for the album Endless Pain, this album starts out with the title track and Mille’s vocals are so raspy that it sounds like Dave Mustaine’s did on the early years of Megadeth. The next song called “Total Death” actually lyrically brings attention to what happens when the politics of a country gets corrupted as they become too addicted to using weapons for the wrong purposes. Unless we take steps to de-nuclearize and reduce the world’s nuclear arsenal the security of the world is in jeopardy. “Flag of Hate” is a song that sees vocals lower than what we have heard before and it sounds like that “snake” kind of voice that you will hear in 1994’s “The Bleeding” by Cannibal Corpse. But this album came out in 1985 when heavy metal was still developing so in that time period, artists were creating albums with speed, fast solos, and raspy vocals lots of times. This album contains laughs, screams, and low shrieks from Mille Petrozza and I call these first two albums by Kreator a sort of “practice run” musically as they would get much better. The riffs would become more melodic, there would be a higher likelihood of acoustic parts in the songs and the songs overall would be of much higher quality than what we hear on Endless Pain. “Living in Fear” in the beginning is a song that kind of sounds like the song No Remorse by Metallica. “Storm of the Beast” starts out slower and gradually builds up as lyrically the song is about a beast that can terrorize anything in its path. I sense a kind of riff that sounds like something Exodus would have tried out in 1985 so it has that raw, Bonded by Blood style edge to it. It is time to show to those that are not familiar with this metal band from Germany that Kreator were ready to come into the scene with a full speed ahead kind of musical approach while having a more black and death metal style to the vocals. “Flag of Hate” has an excellent brief drumming section in it just before the guitar solo. One other noticeable aspect to this debut is that there are raspy style laughs by both Mille and Jurgen and such a thing was pretty common for these early thrash metal albums.

"Living In Fear"

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