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A Review of the Album "Counterattack" by Czech Thrash Metal Band Laid to Waste

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Introduction to the Album Counterattack

Counterattack is the debut album from the band Laid to Waste from the Czech Republic released in 2015. This band is still quite new and the members are from the city of Plzen and the band was formed in 2014. Their albums are typically short, ranging from about 25 to 30 minutes in length and sometimes a little more than that.

A Photo of the Country Formerly Known as Czechoslovakia


A Brief Review of the Album "Counterattack" as of the Initial Analysis

What we have here is a rather interesting beginning to a thrash metal album that can leave some people rolling their eyes and wondering whether this is a thrash metal album. The title track called "Counterattack" brings to light the types of social evils that can be caused at least partially by politicians that are so corrupt that they only care about holding onto their seat. Is revolution and armed struggle against these forces really the answer? The album begins with dialogue from former US President Ronald Reagan as the song is just an instrumental that gets this album started. It sounds to me like this album starts off with the old school thrash metal and yes, there is a solo in this first song which if you don’t count the narration art in the beginning is basically an instrumental song. "Oldschool Nostalgia" lyrically tells us to forget about the disco as heavy metal is alive and well and it most certainly is as it is a genre that will only evolve with time. The style might as well be a more modern kind of Annihilator (think of the song Reaction on the Remains studio album). "Lawless Vindication" is a song that continues in the tradition of songs that advocate fighting for freedom even if it comes at a price. "Oldschool Nostalgia" musically to me sounds like older and newer Metallica. One example that comes to mind is the riffing found in the song “Motorbreath” in 1983. For some of us, thrash metal gives off that high vibe and energy that we need to wither start the day off in strong fashion or to finish the day strongly.

Final Thoughts About the Album Counterattack

Even if this first album is mostly about speed, the riffing is certainly respectable enough to be put in the same category as Denver Colorado’s Havok. The song called “Moshed to Death” sounds a bit like one of the songs in Alice in Hell the 1989 studio album by Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator. It is not in terms of the riff but the style of it.

Listening to this album all the way through again, I am reminded of Steve Souza era vocals because that’s what these vocals sound like which isn’t a bad thing unless you cannot stand vocals of this style. “Evil Imperialist” is a song that is super-fast even if such a term has been overused. The song lyrically is about the effects and consequences of imperialism and conquest. “Ripped to Shreds” is a song that lyrically is about the fact that because of human selfishness and greed the human race is headed for destruction. Or is that really the case? Nonetheless the album is a fine example of raw speed and thrash metal even if the album is a more modern one.

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