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A Review of the Album "The Great Acceleration" by Danish Death and Thrash Metal Band Terminalist

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About Terminalist, Their Debut Album, and Lyrical Themes

Terminalist from Copenhagen. Denmark is one of the newest entrants into the ever expanding death and thrash metal music scene. Their 2021 debut album The Great Acceleration is their debut album even though it has only five songs on it. It is said that the world is ruled by speed. There is a theory of speed called dromology which was originated by the late French philosopher Paul Virilio who died in 2018. It is on this premise that Terminalist base the lyrical themes on their fictional concept album. This kind of themed album is not something that you always hear about in the metal genre but there are bands that have fantasy based lyrical themes. What we are addressing here is a band that has science fiction based lyrical themes to attempt to explain a theory about speed.

Here Is An Educated Guess About the Origin of the Band's Name

This is just a guess but the band’s name Terminalist might have something to do with the fact that these guys must think that the Earth will one day reach its terminal phase where it will get to its last throes of existence.

"The Great Acceleration" Full Album

About the Songs In "The Great Acceleration"

Terminalist has only been active since 2018 and this is actually a five song debut that shows a lot of potential. The style of the album is kind of like Ensiferum plus a little bit of Dark Tranqullity mixed in. This influence can be seen in the nine minute plus song “The Invention of the Shipwreck.” There is an ominous start to the song as if a ghost lurks in the presence. It has that sort of spooky start to it if you know what is being said here. Lyrically, the song addresses the fact that there is much power to an increase in knowledge. It is through this knowledge that we can gain a deeper understanding of the cosmos and the Universe. The song is also trying to point out that only through movement, through motion can make things stable. The vocals are more of the style of low, rough death metal style and this is one of those albums that could be classified as death metal or melodic thrash and death metal. The categorization of the album’s style isn’t necessarily the most important aspect but we have to look at the big picture of any musical work. “Estranged Reflection” though a very lyrically complex song addresses the fact that objects revolve while they are in orbit only to descend into madness. “Dromocracy” or the science of speed is the song that ends this short album. Even for all the overly complex lyrics, this album still manages to be very melodic. “Relentless Alteration” is the song that gets the theory of this speed started as lyrically it speaks of stagnation being a thing of the past. This is replaced by motion as the wave of progress sets in. It is said that if you don’t have progress, you have stagnation. Well, I can say that this five song album is a sign of progress for this Danish band and they certainly are one step in terms of bringing in younger talent to replace these older bands such as Artillery. “Terminal Dispatch” is one of the most melodic songs of the five and I get the sense that there is a little bit of an early Amorphis influence in this one too.

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