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A Review of the Album "Pleasure to Kill" by German Thrash Metal Band Kreator

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This Album Has Influenced Bands Such as Cannibal Corpse

Pleasure to Kill is not just the second studio album by famous thrash metal band Kreator released in 1986 but it is also one of those that holds a very special place of musical recognition among critics. In fact, death metal band Cannibal Corpse has cited this one as one of their influences that led to the development of their style.

The album Pleasure to Kill starts off with a good and short instrumental song called “Choir of the Damned” which has a nice acoustic feel to it as we then see the musical style of this 1986 album which consists of extremely drowned out and raspy vocals by Mille Petrozza as the song lyrics focus on morbid subjects.

Pleasure to Kill is Considered a Very Special Thrash Metal Album But Is it so?

What are the pros of this album? The solos are respectable and there is certainly melodic riffing in songs such as “The Pestilence.” Nonetheless as of 2021, consider this a brand new review of this sophomore album by one of Germany’s finest thrash metal bands ever. The first short instrumental which also has a very dark feel to it gives this album a very promising start. Is Pleasure to Kill still the weakest album by Kreator? Not if we consider the opinions of reviewers and those that have really analyzed the album. Pleasure to Kill which was released in April 1986 by Noise Records is considered a landmark album of thrash metal. Is it really that good? When I began analyzing this album almost two years ago, I had the sense that this was one of Kreator’s weakest musical releases. Those of us that prefer the later releases which have better vocals by Mille Petrozza and more melody in the songs may be seriously disappointed by this second effort.

"Choir of the Damned"

Pleasure to Kill is a Good Album But Not a Landmark Release

Unlike Kreator’s debut album, this one moves away from the blackened thrash metal sound and it initially starts off slower and with more melody at least in the beginning which gives it a boost. Pleasure to Kill has a very melodic start to it similar to at least one other famous metal album released that year. That other famous album is Metallica’s Master of Puppets. And just like their debut album, Pleasure to Kill features Mille and Jurgen Reil sharing vocal duties. Even though this is considered a landmark album in the genre of thrash metal it is not as good as Reign in Blood though. I guess some people have very different views on what they consider to be an amazing metal album. One fair thing that can be said about this album is that the solos are very much like those found in Reign in Blood and the guitar sound in some instances does sound like it is in the style of Slayer influenced. This album may as well have been called Pleasure for Thrash Metal because the approach is based almost entirely of fast, uncompromising thrash metal with raspy vocals. “Command of the Blade” has Jurgen doing the lead vocals as the song is about a warrior that has come with the blade in his hand ready to do what he wants to do. Overall, as of 2021 even with the less than stellar lyrical content, Pleasure to Kill is a slightly better album than Kreator’s debut album because of the slight variation with the opening song and the fact that the album begins the trend of what Kreator would really become experts at which is thrash metal without any black or death metal influences. This second one was another one of those albums that helped Kreator slowly get better as a band.

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