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A Review of the Album Master of the Dead by Italian Thrash Metal Band Thrash Bombz

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Introduction to the Album Master of the Dead

Master of the Dead is the 2017 studio album by Italian thrash metal band called Thrash Bombz. Yes, that is the way that this band’s name is spelled and it continues in the tradition of having thrash metal bands with very unusual names but these guys are pretty talented! Think of this album as a set of influences ranging from Testament, Annihilator, and Havok and that is what you will hear on this 50 minute plus thrash metal album. Even if the lyrical content sounds like it is not pleasant, don’t let that discourage you from listening to high quality modern thrash metal that takes its influences from the 1980s mostly.

The album starts off with the song Condemned to Kill Again and immediately, the acoustic work should be an obvious clue that this section is influenced by 1980s Testament. The albums The Legacy and The New Order come to mind. Then there is a fast mid-section that reminds me of the song Phantasmagoria. This album could have easily been written in the 1980s based on its style but this is what modern thrash metal is these days in some instances. The style and riffing shows us that these guys are ready to play a style of no-nonsense thrash metal but they could have done something to make the song titles a bit more pleasant but that’s just a small detail at this point.

A Comment About the Style of the Vocals

The vocals are somewhat like the Havok vocalist David Sanchez and the band Terrifier. Terrifier is a thrash metal band from Canada. Even with the repetition of certain lines in this first song, it is a good way for these guys from Sicily to get things started.

"Call of Death"

Thrash Bombz Is a Band With Melody In Their Music

Evil Witches is a song basically about evil witches taking things into their hands at night. The song has melody in it that is reminiscent of modern melodic thrash metal bands and that’s a very good thing for this band that’s been around since 2007. There are plenty of vocal screams in this album but they are not like the high falsetto kind of screams of Phil Anselmo in the early 1990s but a modern type of high pitched vocals. To describe the thrash metal style of Thrash Bombz, think of their style as fast, hard-hitting and with the pounding style of drums that would even make Dave Lombardo proud.

There Is an Annihilator Influence In This Band's Music With More Than One Example

Curse of the Priest features some melodic riffing that would sort of resemble Canada’s Annihilator. I see a sort of distinct style that sounds like a more modern version of the album Alice in Hell. There is a title track on this album and it very closely resembles the song Phantasmagoria. Once again, we have the Annihilator influence showing up. Evoking the Ghost with its fast riffing is like the British thrash metal and punk band Acid Reign. The utterance of the word “evoking” is heard and this part is performed well.

Master of the Dead gets nothing less than a 90 out of 100 points for its remarkably well performed riffs including another song sounding like Phantasmagoria once again and the song that sounds like that one is called Call of Death. This is not another Master of Puppets even though there is the word master n the album’s title but it is a thrash metal album that even the band Kreator would be proud of.

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