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A Review of the Album Eminence in Putrescence by Spanish Death Metal Band Avulsed

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What Makes Eminence in Putrescence Different From Avulsed's Later Albums?

The career of Spanish death metal band Avulsed began with their 1996 debut album called Eminence in Putrescence and this one has a few songs that would be on the album Cybergore but they would have a more industrial feel to them. But on this album, they have more of a death metal feel to them without the industrial beats and techno stuff. This first album by Avulsed has more of a technical death metal feel to it, similar to bands such as Krabathor. Though the vocals aren’t as harsh but they are more of the guttural type. Hidden Perversions has a nice, short lead guitar part in it. Speaking of this first song, the vocals are so guttural that they sound like a very low octave guttural growl but given the time period which Eminence in Putrescence was released, low guttural growls and drum sound that wasn’t as highly developed was common in these days.

The Album Cover for Eminence in Putrescence


What Are Avulsed's Lyrics Like?

Lyrically this band is similar to Cannibal Corpse which will be a turn off to some people but if you want to hear old school brutal death metal then Avulsed is one of those bands that will appeal to you. Since this is the first album by Avulsed, the band would improve their melodies and technique as their career progressed.

Why is Avulsed Spain's Best Death Metal Band?

The vocals of Dave Rotten (David Sanchez Gonzalez) are at their lowest and most guttural point. The production isn’t as polished as it would be in 1999 as Avulsed got heavier, more brutal, and their drumming could pound a person’s eardrums but these guys have reinvented themselves successfully over the years and still have managed to prove to me to be Spain’s best death metal band. Avulsed was made possible because of the will and desire of David who wanted to form a band after completing his required military service. Even back in 1996, David showed that he could really do a great job at being able to drag out his guttural vocals and really hold that range without overdoing himself.

"Hidden Perversions" 1996 Version

Eminence in Putrescence What Is it Like?

Gangrened Divined Stigma is a song that lyrically is basically mocking Jesus and the Christian faith but it is done for entertainment purposes. Ecstasy for Decayed Chunks is a song that takes the extreme nature of Avulsed to a level that is well…quite extreme as this band addresses the subjects of maggots, flesh, and body parts. So far, the strongest songs in this album are the first four songs and it is no surprise. These are the earlier versions of the songs that Avulsed would re-record for their compilation effort called Cybergore. Is this first album boring? It depends on your musical tastes even in relation to death metal music. Clearly, Avulsed would improve musically even in 1998 when the techno and blast beats started to show up in their songs. Let’s add some additional perspective to this album review before we wrap this one up. A reviewer on the website called Metal Archives says that this album is the best one that Avulsed wrote and that the band has not released anything half as good before it or after it. Well, he probably hasn’t heard the next album Stabwound Orgasm as that one may be the highlight of this band’s career.

Final Thoughts About Eminence in Putrescence

Overall, Eminence in Putrescence is a pretty good album but the band would obviously get better in the later part of the 1990’s. They would start using instrumentals in their albums such as Amidst the Macabre or Hoax Therapy.

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