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A Review of the Album "Classica" by Italian Death Metal Band Novembre

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The Album Cover for Classica May Be the Worst Part About the Album

Classica is the 3rd full-length album by Italian doom and death metal band Novembre and it was released in 1999. I had heard of this band through this album first and I have listened to their debut album called Wish I Could Dream It Again. First of all, the album’s cover leaves a lot to be desired, that’s for sure. It is depicting a human body in a kind of provocative manner which is not suitable for all audiences even if the band wanted to bring awareness to the flaws and sins of the human condition. They could have and should have come up with cover art far better than what is depicted for the album Classica.

A Photo of Guitarist and Vocalist of the Band Novembre Carmelo Orlando


How Does the Album Classica Begin?

The opening song called "Cold Blue Steel" has some nice, solid riffing as the song talks about the caress of a cold winter but can it really be a caress if so many dread the arrival of winter? This lyrical theme about winter continues in the song Tales From a Winter to Come. The song is about how some people allow for winter to do what it did. The rain can fall in large amounts and the wind brought grief upon a man. Basically, the arrival of winter for many can lead to depressed moods, sadness, sorrow, and related emotions.

Classica is Not An Album for Everyone to Listen To and Here is Why

If you can tolerate doom and death metal that is heavy and slow with lyrics of sorrow and being despondent, then Classica is going to be a good listening experience for you. I myself could not bring myself to even listen to the first song Cold Blue Steel on the night of (September 19, 2018) because of being emotionally drained and caught up in life’s ups and downs so this is not an album for listening if your mood is sad, depressed, or sorrowful. But that stated, music is one of the world’s best art forms and if you can get through this album, you have a very strong character.

"Foto Blu Infinito"

About the Song Nostalgiaplatz and the Band Novembre

"Nostalgiaplatz" the song must have been taken from the word nostalgia as the song is about a person that has changed so much that he cannot stand to look at the waves of the sea anymore as the ship sails off into the distance. He is longing for those times that he felt more at ease.

Novembre is November in the Italian language and it was founded in 1990 by brothers Carmelo and Giuseppe Orlando and they are both from Sicily. The band was not active from 2008 to 2015.

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Analysis of the Song Love Story

The clean vocals are fine but the growling vocals are what really weaken this album so Classica is a description that really doesn’t fit the songs that are on this album. "Love Story" is actually a song that talks of love as if someone wants to use this emotion to take advantage of someone else. The Opeth influence can be heard in this song so there are progressive elements in this song. The end of the song has a slow, piano part which shows that the band at least tried to experiment with something different than the same death metal growls.

"Tales From a Winter to Come"

Final Thoughts About the Album Classica

"Onirica East" has some fantasy style lyrics in it and the riffing is good but so far in this album there is not one song that really jumps out at the listener to make them feel in awe to really take in the sounds of the song to cherish it for a lifetime. Until of course, we get to the instrumental song called "Foto Blu Infinito" which has some beautiful Spanish style guitar in it mixed with some new age music. "Winter 1941" may as well be a song describing the effects of World War 2 on Europe. As the darkness falls upon the city and the rain falls, some people wish they could run away from the town that they live in. Unfortunately, the song is a similar thing that the band Opeth did but it does not have the same spark to it. Not every band can be like Sweden’s Opeth but that’s just the way life works. "Outro/Spirit of the Forest" is a doom progressive style song that repeats itself and it is about a person that is satisfied with what the winter brought even if it was painful. Is Classica a bad album? It depends what you are looking for. Classica is not the band’s best work but it is a decent doom and death metal album that does have its solid moments such as the first two songs and the instrumental song but like I said before, the album is not good enough to really awe most listeners of this style.

Final grade as of this first review: 70 out of 100 points

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