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A Review of the Album "Blood to Water" by German Death and Thrash Metal Band Toxic Trap

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Introduction to the Second Studio Album From Germany's Toxic Trap

The album Blood to Water is highly melodic but also it is heavy and brutal as well and it could be one of those albums that may overwhelm some listeners at night. This is the second studio album by German death and thrash metal band Toxic Trap. Blood to Water is described as a very diverse and intense album. Diverse would definitely describe this second musical output from this one man musical project.

Description and Analysis of the Album Cover

The album’s cover has an angel standing in a lush forest. The angel is using a bucket of water and using that water to cleanse the bloody water that she is surrounded by. Symbolically, the water can be thought of as a purifying and cleaning agent to cleanse the waters of a sinful kind if influence.

Although not the cover for this album, this photo of a toxic beach in Italy symbolizes the band's name to a degree but not in a bad way.

Although not the cover for this album, this photo of a toxic beach in Italy symbolizes the band's name to a degree but not in a bad way.

Analysis of the Songs In Blood to Water

“Of Wind and Lightning” is the third song in this album and it continues the melodic consistency of the album along with the fact that this sounds like Germany's Kreator in terms of the riffs. What I can surmise from this early analysis is that in spite of the heaviness, there is a beautiful acoustic contrast in the first song called Lynch Mob. Siren's Song has a similar beginning and it is actually sounding like The Gathering and then it gets heavy like the Enemy of God era Kreator. The song lyrically is about someone that imagines that faceless people are talking to him. He does not even know where he is. “Memento” is a song that starts out in the style of former Finnish death metal band Before the Dawn. “Spiral of Greed” continues the same fast and chunky riffing that we have heard so far on this album and it may get stale for some listeners though. The song lyrically is about the fact that in a sick society that is dysfunctional, people see this sort of behavior and then act on it. Through the first full listen of the album Blood to Water it will get at least 80 out of 100 points. Lynch Mob is a song that repeats itself a bit much though. But it has good growls in it though. Lyrically the song is about being in a society where there is no respect for life. The rough growl later in this first song sounds kind of like the vocalist for the band Ladybaby. The constant main riff section in the song Memento is not really annoying but rather it is a good addition to the song and I like to think of this one man band picking up right where Before the Dawn left off. It shows us that Germany isn’t just a thrash metal nation anymore. It is hard to totally innovate musically by 100% because of how so many bands have been influenced by others and emulated their style. But for what this album is like, it is an enjoyable listen through especially for those fans that have an open mind and are willing to give this one man band/project a chance. “Clash With Life” is a song that lyrically is about the fact that it is not a good idea to resist life the way that it is. “Death in Snow” continues the relentless Kreator style influence and it seems that Christian Zysik cannot get enough of including this kind of influence in the songs. “Causing Shadows” ends this second studio album from this one man band and for what it is the album is a decent job done considering that one man was taking care of all of the instruments. He made it melodic as well in this last song and this is the way that you want to finish off a metal album.

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