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A Review of the Album Big Game by American Hard Rock Band White Lion

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About the Album Big Game

Big Game is the third studio album by American hard rock/glam rock band White Lion. I first got into these guys when I heard their solid 1987 album Pride. But this one is pretty good as well. The album has a cover song, a cover of the song Radar Love by the band Golden Earring. You can hear the bass line as it starts to be the main focus of the song as the song starts. The album’s main lyrical themes are based on love, romance, and relationships.

Going Home Tonight, Dirty Woman, Little Fighter, and Broken Home

It starts with the song Going Home Tonight. A man is convinced that when he arrives home at night, his lover will be there waiting for him. Parting from our lover is hard at any time. Then there is the blues influenced song called Dirty Woman. Sometimes we need someone to show us the right way but make sure to find out whether the person that you are dating is trustworthy and honest. However, too many relationships are based on sex and those kinds of relationships never typically last. Little Fighter has some of the best harmony vocals that I have heard. White Lion was a mostly American band with the exception of Mike Tramp who is from Denmark. Broken Home is a song about what happens when there is a dysfunctional family at home. There is a lot of conflict in these homes where the children are especially adversely affected when the parents argue and fight all the time. The album’s cover has a photo of a lion’s face in a huge grassy area and in the distance we can see the White House in Washington DC.

"Little Fighter"

Band Personnel for the Album Big Game

  • Mike Tramp-guitars and lead vocals
  • Vitto Bratta-lead guitars and backing vocals
  • James Lomenzo-bass guitars and backing vocals
  • Greg D'angelo-drums

"Going Home Tonight"

Big Game Second Half of Album Review and Final Thoughts

Living On the Edge is a song about a person that has to go from place to place because he has no job and he cannot even pay his rent. He does not know where he will go but to him that does not matter. He wants to do things his way and he won’t allow anyone to dictate to him what to do. Poverty is a very unfortunate situation for any person that has to experience it. For the person described in this song, he keeps telling himself that he will be okay. He will keep going wherever life leads him. Don’t Say It’s Over is a love song about a woman that ends the relationship as she is seen crying. He wants to know why she is ending the relationship and he wants her to tell him what the reason is that she is ending the romance. When she runs away, she will not come back. If My Mind is Evil is a heavy hard rock song that has this sort of suspenseful sound to it. This may be the song that is liked least by the fans but I myself like this one. The song is about how a preacher has the ability to brainwash others through the wrong use of religion. Big Game has plenty of good rock songs to listen to however it is not quite as good as their 1987 album Pride. Even though I haven’t been the biggest hard rock fan, White Lion were one of the best such bands in the industry in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

"Living On the Edge"

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Where Mike Tramp Is From

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