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Review of the 1990 Thrash Metal Album "Never Neverland" by Canadian Metal Band Annihilator

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Annihilator's Never Neverland album is one of the finest in the heavy metal genre containing 10 high quality songs.

Annihilator's Never Neverland album is one of the finest in the heavy metal genre containing 10 high quality songs.

"Never Neverland" Songs List

  1. The Fun Palace
  2. Road to Ruin
  3. Sixes and Sevens
  4. Stonewall
  5. Never Neverland
  6. Imperiled Eyes
  7. Kraf Dinner
  8. Phantasmagoria
  9. Reduced to Ash
  10. I Am In Command

Did Annihilator know that Never Neverland would end up being one of their finest works ever? Maybe

Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator went to work very quickly after their 1989 debut album Alice in Hell. I don’t even think they knew that what was to come after that had the potential to be their best work. This 1990 album is called Never Neverland and it features the powerful vocals of US born Coburn Pharr. Dave Scott Davis is the other guitarist on this album. The drums are played by Ray Hartmann. Hartmann would return in 1999 for the recording of the album Criteria For a Black Widow. Never Neverland is one of the finest releases in the history of heavy metal and thrash metal for sure. The guitar work both rhythm and lead is superb and done by the band’s founder and biggest creative influence Jeff Waters. This is the album that pretty much started the habit of Jeff Waters changing vocalists and members every album.

The Fun Palace and Road to Ruin Start Out the Album

"The Fun Palace" is the first song on this album and it is about someone who is going on a killing spree and making others suffer in the process. The only way that it seems that he will escape these events is to confess to what he has done? Road to Ruin is about the dangers associated with drinking and driving. Many people when they sit behind the wheel assume that life is a race and that they must really hit the gas pedal and speed up just to get home, even if their home is just around the corner. The moral of the song is: be careful of drinking and driving. It could cost you your life. Sadly, too many people drive fast and drink only to be led to their deaths. The band brings up this message to raise awareness of the dangers associated with this kind of behavior.

A Bowl of Macaroni & Cheese Symbolizes the Song "Kraf Dinner"


Never Neverland really has no bad points in it and it is an album full of excellence and it has good messages

Not only is Annihilator a talented band with great songs but several of their songs have important messages that are designed to raise awareness of the various social and environmental problems that are present in the world today. One example of this is the song Stonewall. "Stonewall" can refer to a few things but in this case, it is a song about how humanity’s greed has hurt the land and the environment. Streams that were once filled with fresh water and able to support fish is now toxic and polluted as the animals tragically lose their lives. In addition to this, because of the industrial pollution caused by the factories as these rich corporations release toxic chemicals into the air, the environment gets even worse. There are fines imposed to discourage these kinds of acts but they are so small amounts that they don’t really hurt these rich corporations. Environmental protection is something that governments around the world really need to pay attention to. But will they? One can only wonder. "Imperiled Eyes" is a song about the dangers associated with warfare and violence. The possibility of the annihilation and end of the human race is a fate too terrible to even imagine. "Kraf Dinner" is a really fast song under three minutes that makes reference to the food eaten by many kids. That’s right, it refers those macaroni and cheese dinners. However, because of the sodium content in this food, it is not good for our bodies if we eat too much of it but that’s a different story. Next we hear the excellent song called "Phantasmagoria" which was released as a demo beck in 1986. It is about a person that sees ghosts in their dreams frequently, so frequently that they are driven crazy by this.

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The official music video for the song Stonewall


The song called "Imperiled Eyes" (tuned differently than on the album)

The greatness of Never Neverland as an album 30 years later

Overall Never Neverland is one of the finest musical works in the history of thrash metal. It has every kind of riff you could imagine from soft acoustic parts in the title track and the song Sixes and Sevens and pure speed as well as tons of melody. And if you are wondering if there are any cons to this album? Well, there’s not many that I can think of except maybe the production is not as good as their later releases and even this may be questionable. Thrash metal fans around the world should definitely have this album in their collection! From the entertaining yet melodic song called “The Fun Palace” to fast thrash metal classics such as Imperiled Eyes and Phantasmagoria, this album 30 years later may still be the best album in the career of Annihilator. Yes, there are no ballads on this album but it has enough hooks and melody to impress thrash metal fans everywhere. The production on Never Neverland even if it is not as good as the band’s later albums is better than the raw, rough sound of Alice in Hell.

The song called "Phantasmagoria"

Best heavy metal album released in 1990

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