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A Review of "The Gates of Oblivion" by Spanish Power Metal Band Dark Moor

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Track Listing for the album The Gates of Oblivion (Regular Edition)

  1. In the Heart of Stone
  2. A New World
  3. The Gates of Oblivion
  4. Nevermore
  5. Starsmaker
  6. Mist of the Twilight
  7. By the Strange Path of Destiny
  8. The Night of the Age
  9. Your Symphony
  10. The Citadel of the Light
  11. A Truth For Me
  12. Dies Irae (Amadeus)

The Front Album Cover for The Gates of Oblivion


A Review of The Gates of Oblivion is Absolutely Necessary

The Gates of Oblivion is the 2002 album by Spanish power metal band Dark Moor and it is their finest work in the Elisa Martin era. I had initially written about this album when covering the life and career of Elisa Martin but here is a review of the best album of Spanish power metal band Dark Moor and without a review, the world would be deprived of a musical masterpiece.

In the Heart of Stone and A New World are this Album's Best Two Songs

In the Heart of Stone is about a person that wants to go through life as she has thousands of questions but there is only one answer. Why are we here on this planet called Earth? What is our purpose? I am getting emotional even reviewing this album in 2018 because of Elisa’s contributions to Dark Moor that will never be forgotten. She has left her mark on the band’s history and she was their best singer. What is our destiny on this planet the song asks? We could spend a lifetime trying to figure out the answer to a very complex question. A New World makes reference to Christopher Columbus’ journey to the new world, a world that was ravaged by starvation and disease. The first two songs on The Gates of Oblivion are two of the finest songs in the history of Dark Moor.

In the Heart of Stone with its powerful beginning is an indicator that this album will be brilliant!

"A New World"

Favorite Song in The Gates of Oblivion

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The Gates of Oblivion, Nevermore and Starsmaker

What follows them is a classically influenced instrumental song. Nevermore might as well be a song about a writer that writes about horror stories. Starsmaker is a song about someone that gets filled with the feeling of love every time she sees the sun in the sky as the sky lights up the beautiful morning. But she gets into sorrow saying that she needs to see beautiful sunsets to satisfy her soul.

"The Night of the Age"

Review and Analysis of the Song "The Night of the Age"

In the song “The Night of the Age”, we hear Elisa singing passionately about something that stole her hopes, dreams, and illusions. The person that is going through this is going to fight to regain what he or she has lost. Determination to fight against injustice and forces of evil is the way that we as a society can stand up to regain what we deserve to have. Who stole our hopes? Many people will say that life is not fair but that is a subjective statement. Elisa’s voice here is one of her best performances.

"In the Heart of Stone"

Analysis of the Songs Your Symphony and A Truth For Me

You will probably get a little emotional as you hear Elisa’s voice in the ballad style song Your Symphony. It is about an angel that comes to protect a girl that is lost in her life. She is assured of protection from this powerful light or force. The song A Truth for Me once again shows Elisa’s passion in the vocal department as she does a superb job in the first bridge section before the chorus. We can fantasize about happy lovers all that we want to but we must send love to the universal light of love to live a happier life. A Truth for Me is a song that can describe how a person who is in tears is really feeling. The woman’s only love is for the light of the vast Universe that loves us all no matter what age, ethnic group or nationality we are. Just as Elisa Martin loves singing, the person described in this song loves life very much. If only she could flee from what she describes “sorry thoughts” then she can live a more peaceful and calm existence.

Gates of Oblivion Final Thoughts

How great is The Gates of Oblivion? I am tempted to give this album 100 points out of 100 just for the fact that it is so brilliant from start to finish! From the start of this album with the thundering riffing in The Heart of Stone and the instrumentals in this album, you know that The Gates of Oblivion is indeed a special album in the history of power metal. Especially the lead guitar work in the song A New World is memorable. Can we save humanity by discovering a new world? Throughout history as nations have discovered land their goal has always been access to resources. This album may as well have been titled The Gates of Awesome Power Metal because that is just what this album is. The Night of the Age seems to always bring tears to my eyes and I don’t have any idea why this is the case. But if you are going to be emotional in a great way about a musical album that is this great then I suppose it is worth it. You can detect the classical influence in that song. 18 years later "The Gates of Oblivion" stands out as one of the finest musical works in the genre of power metal.

Songs such as "Starsmaker" with its more than brilliant beginning add another piece to what is already a masterpiece in the genre of power metal! "By the Strange Path of Destiny" is the song on this album that may be overlooked because musically it may sound like it is the weakest song on the album but even if it is the weakest song on the album, the song is still good. The song asks the question of why we are in this life. Are we just victims of fate? Why is there both pleasure and pain in this life? These are great questions to ask but they may not have an easy answer. Nevertheless, The Gates of Oblivion is so great as a full work of music that it may be the finest album in the history of the power metal genre.


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