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A Review of "Sweet Desire" the Great Debut Album by Finnish Heavy Rock Band Lullacry

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A Band Photo of Lullacry With Vocalist Tanja Lainio

Although this is not the original band lineup, the lineup here is as follows: From left to right: Sami Vauhkonen, Sauli Kivilahti, Tanja Lainio, Jukka Outinen, and Heavy (Jarkko Hiltunen).

Although this is not the original band lineup, the lineup here is as follows: From left to right: Sami Vauhkonen, Sauli Kivilahti, Tanja Lainio, Jukka Outinen, and Heavy (Jarkko Hiltunen).

Track Listing for Sweet Desire

  1. For Evermore
  2. Alone
  3. All for Nothing
  4. Sweet Desire
  5. My Dear Skinwalker
  6. Downwards
  7. Whisper in the Chaos
  8. I Will Make My Paradise
  9. The Chant
  10. Feardance
  11. The Autumn

Sweet Desire: Background Information

Finnish rock band Lullacry that was one of Finland’s best bands until they disbanded in 2014 started off their career in excellent fashion. Their debut album Sweet Desire is an example of such a great start. The lineup is pretty much what it was for most of the band’s career except for who does the vocals. Doing the vocals for the album is Tanya Kemppainen (also known in the heavy metal community by her stage name of Whisper Lillith). However, the album is out of print. Note: it is now 2020 and this album is special for me because I started writing a review of this album when my writing journey had been resumed after a brief break.

Sweet Desire: Songs 1-5 and Statement of Thanks for Lullacry

Affirmation: we are so happy and grateful for the music of Finnish heavy rock band Lullacry for their service in the entertainment industry for so many years.

Normally statements like these would not appear in an album review but this was written to thank Lullacry for their hard work and many years of service in the music industry and I hope that fans in North America can take notice of this band.

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The opening song For Evermore is about someone that went looking for GOD in order to put an end to the chaotic life that she is facing. We all need to have faith and hope that we can overcome whatever adversity may come our way. The next song called Alone features some pretty good bass work by Heavy (also known as Jarkko Hiltunen) and the power of Tanya’s voice as she shouts the word alone. The song All for Nothing has some beautiful guitar work in the three minute mark. It is about someone who was looking for love but that the relationship turned out to be one that was very destructive. Most of us have probably experienced a relationship that was like that. The title track Sweet Desire is one of the most upbeat songs in the album. It was later done again in 2003 when the band released the single for the song Alright Tonight. Vocalist Tanja Lainio would do her version of the song and that one is very good! The single for Alright Tonight has just that song and Sweet Desire. Well the Tanya that sings on this album should be given credit too. Her voice has power and I think she sings without straining herself. Those are two qualities that make a very good vocalist.

Whisper in the Chaos is one of the strongest songs in the album's second half

As we get into the second half of the album, Whisper in the Chaos is one of the strongest songs in the band’s career. The song also has a part where Tanya is whispering. 1999 was an interesting year for heavy metal because there were some really good albums that were released that year. The song called “The Chant” features some distorted kind of vocals by Tanya which is something different than what the band usually does. Feardance is another excellent song. It has very melodic vocals by Tanya. The song is about someone that is worried about losing the one that they love. Sweet Desire is definitely one of the best albums in the genre of Gothic rock. Make sure that you listen to this album!

What the Release of Sweet Desire Means for the Genre of Gothic Metal

The genre of Gothic metal got a really good boost with the release of Lacuna Coil’s excellent debut album In a Reverie. Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy released their very good album called Burning Bridges. And Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ released their album Sleep of the Angels. but the genre got an even bigger boost with the release of Sweet Desire.

What are the strongest songs on the album Sweet Desire?

Sweet Desire is definitely one of the best albums in the genre of gothic rock. Make sure that you listen to this album! The best songs in the album are Alone, All for Nothing, Sweet Desire, Whisper in the Chaos, I Will Make My Paradise, and Feardance. The other songs that I did not mention are good as well. Lullacry has been consistent in their career. Sweet Desire gets a 95 out of 100 points from this writer for its powerful vocals and terrific songwriting. Lullacry would go on to record the album Be My God in 2001. Tanya would leave the band in 2002 due to musical differences with the rest of the group. But I will always enjoy and appreciate the power of her voice! Great job and congratulations to Lullacry for an outstanding career!

"Sweet Desire" Song Only

Vocalist Ville Valo Makes a Guest Appearance On One Song

As a great side note, prior to their disbandment, Lullacry would release a 2 CD compilation called The Legacy. On that CD set, there is an older version of the song Whisper in the Chaos but this version has vocalist Ville Valo singing the song and the song starts out a little differently but it is still pretty good! The original version with Tanya is the best one. Her powerful and soothing voice really makes the difference! I would give Sweet Desire a 95 out of 100 points still even though it has been a long while since I’ve listened to it.

Final Thoughts About Sweet Desire

Autumn starts with BEAUTIFUL acoustic guitar as Tanya provides us with her soothing vocals. For some people, today or yesterday is the same as they are trying to get over their feelings of guilt. There is little wrong to say about this album. The Autumn or greatest moment of life is when you are in the zone mentally and emotionally to let your feelings out.

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