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A Review of Sunrise in Eden the Debut Album by Edenbridge Featuring the Powerful Vocals of Sabine Edelsbacher

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The front album cover for Sunrise in Eden

The album cover shows a bridge that leads up to heaven as the sky is opening up. The album may feel like a heavenly experience if you give it a chance.

The album cover shows a bridge that leads up to heaven as the sky is opening up. The album may feel like a heavenly experience if you give it a chance.

The band Edenbridge and their musical style

Edenbridge is a symphonic metal band from Austria. Their 2000 debut album Sunrise in Eden is a good release and a nice way for them to start out their career. Yes, Austria does have good metal bands. Unlike bands such as Helloween, Angra, and several others, Edenbridge focuses on the use of keyboards and a symphonic, operatic kind of sound. Their music is slow to mid-tempo. This album should be an enjoyable listen if you give it a chance. This is the only album from the band that I had heard from start to finish at the first writing of this review. The first two songs that I heard from this band are Holy Fire and Forever Shine On. Sunrise in Eden was released on the Massacre Records label. The lineup for the album is as follows:

The Personnel that play on the album Sunrise in Eden

Sabine Edelsbacher-vocals

Lanvall (Arne Stockhammer)-guitars

Georg Edelmann-guitars

Kurt Bednarsky-bass guitars

Roland Navratil-drums

Track listing for Sunrise in Eden

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  1. Cheyenne Spirit
  2. Sunrise in Eden
  3. Forever Shine On
  4. Holy Fire
  5. Wings on the Wind
  6. In the Rain
  7. Midnight at Noon
  8. Take Me Back
  9. My Last Step Beyond

Cheyenne Spirit is a great opening song to this album

You can hear the symphonic feel of the album with the opening song Cheyenne Spirit as the keyboard sound is clearly present. The song is about the destruction of the Native American people. Because of Manifest Destiny and the need to expand their territory, the white man was caught up in his own lust for empire building. Many Indians either died from conquest, starvation or disease. We must do what we can as a society to make sure that events like this are not repeated. Unfortunately, as history has shown, the genocide and extermination of people has been common. Let us pray for love, light, and peace. The lyrical themes for the album are based on history and fantasy based lyrics. This is similar to what Blind Guardian started to do in the late 1990’s and into the 2000’s. The drum sound on the album is lacking compared to the time period that the album was released in. Sunrise in Eden uses a lot of sitar and the lead guitar work is impressive!

Sunrise in Eden Analysis of the Songs Forever Shine On, Wings on the Wind, and In the Rain

Forever Shine On is about a person that begins to pray even in her darkest hours. It seems that for her, love has gone and she searches to find her lost love. To her amazement, they are reunited. She wants to share her love with him forever. Love has the power to spread over the world and heal us as well as others. I highly recommend that you focus on just sharing love with others when you can. It makes such a big difference in your mental and emotional well-being. Sabine Edelsbacher’s towering operatic style voice can be very well heard as she does a pretty good job! Wings on the Wind is a song about believing in the future. The future is worth believing in because as we go on this endless journey of life, the possibilities for us to learn and grow are there for us to take advantage of.

In the Rain is a pleasant song about taking a walk along the river as the raindrops fall from the sky.

"Cheyenne Spirit"

Final Thoughts About the Album Sunrise In Eden

The pleasantness of Sabine’s voice continues in the song called Midnight at Noon. This is a song about the sun setting in the western skies and some will mourn the end of the day. Take Me Back is a ballad style song that has Sabine’s best vocal performance of the album. The song is about someone who feels like they have been sleeping for a thousand years. They wake up and wish to be taken back in time to when she was feeling like she could dance all the time and be in a state of bliss. Overall, Sunrise in Eden is a good album and should appeal to fans of the symphonic metal genre for sure. The strongest songs in the album are Cheyenne Spirit, Sunrise in Eden, Forever Shine On, Midnight at Noon, and Take Me Back.

This writer gave the album an 82 out of 100 points on the first review but since some time has passed we will give this album a slightly higher score of 88 out of 100 points.

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